Today Show: Easter Spending, Curious Children & Bacon Mouthwash


By Brittany Spear

Today Show Take 3: Willie Geist & Al Roker Kiss

While on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Willie Geist discussed the “kiss” between himself and Al Roker on a previous Today Show segment about flavored lip gloss. From Los Angeles, Geist recounted his Leno interview with his Today Show co-anchors. The hosts had a good laugh with Willie after watching a replay of the kiss.


Today Show: Easter Spending

Today Show: Easter Spending, Curious Children & Bacon Mouthwash

On Today, co-hosts discussed annual Easter spending, questions asked by curious children, and the prospect of bacon flavored mouthwash in stores.

With Easter coming this weekend, the hosts take a quick look at some numbers relating to spending for the Easter holiday. According to a survey, Americans will be spending approximately $17.2 billion on Easter this year, with 91% of Americans buying Easter candy such as jellybeans.

Guest host Carson Daly shared his distaste of Peeps, referencing their texture and color. The hosts all discussed their favorite Easter candy, including Cadbury eggs for Carson Daly and chocolate for Tamron Hall. According to Daly, Peeps do not biodegrade.


Today Show: How Many Questions Do Curious Children Ask?

A study on the questioning habits of young children revealed that young children can ask as many as 23 questions per hour, and that most of these questions are asked to their mothers. The hosts joked that this might be spurred by fathers suggesting to children, “Go ask Mommy.” Further observation of the study showed that four-year-old girls asked most of the questions out of all age groups that were studied.

When looking at a particular time of day, the study showed that meal time was the most question-filled, topping off at approximately 11 questions per meal. The hosts speculated on what types of questions young children ask, with Daly bringing up the example of, “Why is water wet?”

The hosts said that most of these questions are simply searching for a logical answer as toddlers and young children try to understand the world around them.

Is it Real: Bacon Mouthwash?

As a Bonus Take, the hosts discussed the possibility of bacon-flavored mouthwash, inspired by a recent commercial from Scope. The commercial details all of the amazing things one can do with bacon, now including rinsing your mouth with Bacon-Flavored Scope, “for breath that sizzles.”

Carson put a damper on the dreams of those truly interested in this product by saying that it is likely not a real product, but instead a marketing gimmick. Tamron and Al both agreed that it works well, especially since, as Tamron noted, “Everything goes with bacon.” Perhaps one day we will see such a product on the shelves.


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