Today Show: Do It Yourself Weddings & Pinterest For Wedding Planning


Today Show: Saving Money On Your Wedding

Things just ain’t the same for brides. With the internet and mobile technology changing the way we do just about anything these days, it has also changed the way weddings are being planned. On the Today Show May 10 2013, some experts showed us how to save money on your wedding using the internet.

Today Show: Do It Yourself Weddings & Pinterest For Wedding Planning

Using do it yourself weddings, you can save quite a bit of money.


Maria Dias Uses Internet For Dress Ideas

Maria Dias, owner of Bride Boutique, does things a little differently at her shop. For one, prices start as low as $100. How does she do it? By taking advantage of the ever-growing do it yourself corner of the internet, the designer has found ways to make dresses both simple and extravagant across a variety of price ranges.

“I think the web probably had 90 percent to do with me starting my business,” Maria said, who found most of her designs online.

59 Percent Of Brides Using Pinterest

It’s not just Maria Diaz using the internet to her advantage, either. More and more brides to be are flocking to the internet to help save money on the process of wedding planning and execution. According to David’s Bridal, 59 percent of brides are using sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to find inspiration. 68 percent of brides use technology to post videos and pictures during dress fittings. To help keep plans in place, another 61 percent download apps to help keep wedding plans organized.


Do It Yourself Weddings

In what some may look at as an extremely big risk to take, lovers Ashley and Nole are actually planning their wedding before they’re even engaged to start saving money. They already have decorations and all sorts of other wedding items picked out and they used Pinterest and sites like it to find ideas. They’re asking for guests to help pick a playlist on Spotify so that they don’t have pay for a DJ. They found an online tutorial on how to make paper flowers for the wedding.

So what’s the timeline in which they expect to plan to start planning? “In September, I said we’d be engaged in a year,” Nole said. They will have plenty of time to plan and save for the big day.


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