Today Show: Dennis Rodman in North Korea Hanging Out With Kim Jong-un


Today Show: Jack the Giant Slayer Review

The Today Show looked at some of the hottest movies coming out soon and one of the biggest movies they are looking forward to is Jack the Giant Slayer. Jennifer Lawrence’s ex boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, is playing the role of Jack as he climbs the beanstalk and fights giants who threaten his kingdom.

The Today Show said they’re also looking forward to Oz the Great and Powerful, a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. Although Warner Brothers had to make a few changes to the movie since Disney owns the original rights to the movie, you wont be seeing any red slippers but you will be seeing some ghastly flying monkeys.


Halle Berry also has a new movie coming out, The Call, where she plays a 911 operator who tries to help a kidnapped girl get away from her captor. Spoiler alert: she knows the killer. Another Stephanie Meyer book is being made into a movie. The Host centers around an alien who has turned against her own race of soul stealing aliens to help a few Earth dwellers keep their souls.

Today Show: Jennifer Lawrence Dior Ad Photoshopped

Jennifer Lawrence is the new face of Dior handbags but you might not know it from her new ad. Lawrence is so photoshopped in the photo she even commented to the press that it didn’t even look like her. But she doesn’t have any hard feelings about it.

Today Show: Dennis Rodman in North Korea Hanging Out With Kim Jong-un

The Today Show went through some news from the past week about Jennifer Lawrence being the face of Dior bags and Dennis Rodman hanging out with Kim Jong-un. (Joe Seer /


Today Show: Dennis Rodman in North Korea

Dennis Rodman was recently found in North Korea watching a basketball with his new buddy Kim Jong-un. Go ahead and take a minute to reread that sentence. Yes it is true. Kim Jong-un, a basketball fan, flew Rodman to North Korea to watch a basketball game with him and later Rodman commented that he has a new “friend for life.”

Today Show: Marc Antony 21-Year-Old Girlfriend Chloe Green

Marc Antony must have been a little jealous of his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez dating a younger man so he started dating Chloe Green, the 21-year-old heir to the Topshop fortune. The couple was photographed in Disney World together with Antony’s children this past week.

Today Show: McDonald’s Chicken Selects Discontinued

McDonald’s is discontinuing their chicken selects and the apple walnut salad and people are not happy about it. At least the McRib is still around.

Today Show: Lego Line For Girls

Lego is coming out with a new Lego line for girls. The Legos are pink and purple and the Lego characters are all female. The company is telling little girls they can put down their Barbies and start building some cool Lego buildings.

Do you think it is going to work? Are little girls going to want to play with Legos?

Today Show: 2013 Spring Fashion Essentials

With spring coming up quickly it is time to clear the winter clothes out of your closet and restock on some of the hottest fashion trends.

The first item the Today Show said every woman needs is black and white stripes on everything from shoes to handbags. They suggested heading to White House Black Market or Banana Republic to pick the most stylish items.

Pastels are huge this spring and the Today Show said Gap is the place to go. Anything pastel-colored, from jeans to beanies to nail polish, is going to keep you looking your best.

Gold is the go-to jewelry this spring according to the Today Show. They also said the backwards necklace is in after Jennifer Lawrence wore one to the Academy Awards. Finally, make sure to pick up some floral print pants. The Today Show said Old Navy has the best, and probably the cheapest, floral print pants around.


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