Today Show: Deadly Limousine Fire Claims Lives Of Five In Bridal Party


Today Show: Deadly Limousine Fire

Today had new details on a deadly limousine accident that involved a bridal party. The limousine carried nine woman on their way to a hotel when it was engulfed in flames. Five of the women died in the accident while trying to get to the partition behind the driver’s seat. One of the dead was the bride of the wedding party, whose groom was waiting at the hotel. When the driver heard the call for help, he thought when the woman said “Smoke! Pull over!” that she wanted a cigarette. He looked down and saw that they were only four minutes from their destination and said they could smoke then. But the women kept calling and finally he looked back and realized the car was on fire.

Orville Brown Interview

Today Show: Deadly Limousine Fire Claims Lives Of Five In Bridal Party

A deadly limousine fire claimed five lives. Orville Brown, the driver of the limousine, talked to Today May 7 2013.


The driver, Orville Brown, talked to Today May 7 2013. He pulled two people out of that car himself and he wished he could’ve saved them all. He said that it’s really frustrating what happened. Once he pulled over, the ladies started coming through the partition and he opened the door, helping them out of the car. He said two other cars pulled over and helped pull people out. “Everything happened so fast,” Orville Brown said. “It was horrific.” It was shortly after the first two women came through the partition that the entire limo was engulfed in flames.

Orville Brown said he was trying to save the women’s lives while on the phone and said he was so confused and devastated by what was happening, he couldn’t save everyone. The investigation as to what caused the fire could take weeks. The limousine was designed to only carry eight people and there was nine people inside.

Three Ohio Women Kidnapped a Decade Ago Discovered

Three Ohio women who were kidnapped separately as teenagers about a decade ago were found alive after one of the victims banged on a neighbor’s window and then used the neighbor’s phone to call 911. A six-year-old girl was found with the women as well, although it’s unclear what the connection is. Three brothers, all in their 50’s, were arrested for the crime.


House Hearing On Benghazi

House Republicans say they have new State Department witnesses who will contradict the official report on what happened in that attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya last September, which claimed four lives, including the U.S. ambassador. A House committee is holding a hearing on that attack tomorrow, May 8 2013.

Air Force Officer On Bail For Battery

An Air Force officer in charge of the Sex Crimes Prevention Program in the Air Force is out on bail after his own arrest for battery. He is suspected of forcibly grabbing a woman in an Arlington, Virginia parking lot. His arrest comes just after a Pentagon report that says assaults in the military are on the rise.


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