Today Show: Cochlear Implants at 26 & Martha Stewart Laundry Advice


Today Show: 26-Year-Old Mother Gets Cochlear Implants

A 26-year-old mother got to hear the voice of her son for the first time ever after getting cochlear implants a few months ago, but her YouTube video just went viral with the news. Amy Barber has been deaf her entire life. When she was younger her parents wanted to have something done to aide their daughter in hearing even slightly, but doctors told them there was nothing they could do. As she became older, technology became better and at the age of 26, Barber was ready to try cochlear implants. What pushed Barber to try cochlear implants was seeing a video of Sarah Churman on the Today Show talking about her experience with cochlear implants in 2011.

When Barber got her implants late last year, she began crying the moment she heard her son’s voice for the time. She said, through her husband, that she was scared at first because it was so overwhelming and she was hearing so many different things at once. Besides being able to hear the voice of her child now, Barber’s YouTube video of her hearing her son for the first time has gone viral.


Today Show: Cochlear Implants at 26 & Martha Stewart Laundry Advice

The Today Show talked with a woman who had cochlear implants implanted at the age of 26, and Martha Stewart stopped by to show the co-hosts how to do laundry.

The Today Show reported it has been months since Barber received the cochlear implants and she is still learning how to interpret the noises she hears and she is seeing a speech therapist to help her learn to speak clearly.

Today Show: Martha Stewart Laundry Advice

If there is one person to turn to when you need laundry advice, it is Martha Stewart. She stopped by the Today Show to give them some advice on how to do laundry the correct way.


Have a Laundry Set-Up In the House

Stewart’s first advice was to have somewhere in the house where you can do the laundry. She suggested making a little station where you have detergents for stains, a small ironing board and a clothesline or clothes rack to hang clothing.

Use Laundry Basket Cards

Martha Stewart said she uses cards on separate laundry baskets so she knows what laundry needs to get done. She also said separating colors and whites isn’t enough. She likes to separate all her clothes into how she is going to do the wash. She has a basket for whites that need a heavy duty wash, whites that are delicates, colors that need a short, warm wash and many more categories.

Stewart also said the shorter the wash, the better it is for your clothing. Only six minutes of washing is sufficient for clothes that are not heavily soiled.

How To Get a Ketchup Stain Off a Shirt

For a ketchup stain, Stewart said to scrape the excess ketchup off with a knife, rinse it in water and then detergent to get the stain off the shirt. If the stain is being stubborn, use a little vinegar to remove the stain.

How To Do Laundry Properly

Stewart said the key to doing laundry properly is reading the instructions that come with the machine. She also likes using laundry bags that can be tossed in the laundry to keep delicate clothing safe. Just toss the clothes in the bag and toss the bag into the machine.


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