Today Show: Boston Accent Coach & Top Clicks of the Week Feb 15 2013


Today Show: Boston Slang

There are accents and dialects all across the nation. From the drawl of the South to the “gnarly” and “dude” surfer dialect on the West Coast, every region in America has their own accent, their own dialect and their own slang. And Boston is no different.

The iconic and often imitated Boston accent is one of the most revered, and sometimes feared, accents and even Boston has different types of Boston accents. There is the upper crust Boston accent most familiar when listening to John F. Kennedy and there is the South Boston accent, the Southy Accent, made famous by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting.


Boston doesn’t just have the accent though, they also have their own jargon. Don’t go into an ice cream shop in Boston and ask for sprinkles on your ice cream cone because no one is going to know what you’re talking about. In Boston, sprinkles are called jimmies. Check out some other Boston slang below.

Today Show: Boston Accent Coach & Top Clicks of the Week Feb 15 2013

The Today Show gave the Boston accent a try, learned where the accent originated and how to switch between accents and looked at the Top Clicks of the Week.

  • Water coolers are called bubblers
  • Grocery bags are bundles
  • Rubber bands are elastics
  • Handsome people are said to be looking dapper
  • Turning around is called “hangin’ a u’ie.”

Today Show: History Of the Boston Accent

The Today Show talked with Boston Globe linguist and language columnist Ben Zimmer about where the Boston accent came from and apparently it can be traced all the way back to the first established communities in the country. As settlers were coming from England, a majority of the settlers in Boston came from similar areas in England where the letter “R” was already being dropped from numerous words. The tradition of losing the “R” continued and the Boston accent was born.


Today Show: Boston Accent Coach

Not everyone likes having a Boston accent though. Actors and actresses who need to lose their Boston accent turn to Wendy Wiberg, a speech pathologist and speech coach, to help them get rid of the accent.

Wiberg said she has nothing against the accent but some professionals who need to be heard clearly and directly might want to have the most neutral accent they can get and that is not a Boston accent. She herself said she can slip in and out of the Boston accent any time she wants and she let Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer give it a try as well, but neither were too good with the accent.

Today Show: Top Clicks Of the Week, February 15 2013

The Today Show was ready for the Top Clicks of the Week again and this week they had some pretty funny viral videos to pick from. Check out their favorite videos and their favorite video from last week by clicking the links below.


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