Today Show: Beyonce Review of Life is But a Dream HBO Special


Today Show: Beyonce Life Is But a Dream Review

Beyonce has been everywhere lately. She sang (lip synced) at the second Inauguration of President Obama, she made headlines with her performance at a press conference and then she gave one of the best Super Bowl half time performances ever. And now Beyonce fans have even more to look forward to when she opens up about her life on the new HBO special Life is But a Dream. Beyonce, with no makeup and her hair up, opens up about her vulnerabilities and lets everyone into her usually private life.

Today Show: Beyonce, Review of Life is But a Dream HBO Special

The Today Show looked at the new HBO special, Life is But a Dream, Beyonce’s new documentary about her life, her husband and being a mother. (s_bukley /


“How can I keep my spirit? How can I be generous to everyone and how can I stay current yet soulful?” asked Beyonce in the special about why she doesn’t always open up the doors to her world.

Why is she finally opening up to the world about her life? Beyonce said it is because of the little girls in the front rows of her concerts.

“You look in the audience and see this little girl that is me when I was looking at Michael or Tina Turner,” Beyonce said. “There is no way I’m not giving 100 percent because I am that little girl.”


Today Show: Beyonce HBO Special

Many critics are saying she is expanding her career with the new special, also saying it shows she has more confidence in herself. In the HBO special Beyonce will be talking about what it has been like being a mother this past year, she opens up about a miscarriage she kept secret for quite a long time and why best friends are all a girl needs in life.

In one scene in the special, Beyonce can be seen letting her hair down as she sings a song with her sister and Kelly Rowland saying “I love my husband and I have been everywhere, but there is nothing like a conversation with a woman I have grown up with.”

Life is But a Dream airs this Saturday on HBO and if you want to see even more Beyonce you may be able to catch her during her world tour in April.


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