Today Show: Barack Obama George Bush Photo & Miami Heat Prancercise


Today Show: Political Photo Of Barack Obama

In the wake of the revealing of the Obama administration’s monitoring of internet and telephone records, the Huffington Post has made a strange political photo, mixing together Barack Obama and George Bush’s face. The Barack Obama George Bush photo has caused quite a stir.

Today Show: Deval Patrick Got Drunk Following Capture Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Today Show: Barack Obama George Bush Photo & Miami Heat Prancercise

Now that Barack Obama’s spying program has been revealed, the Huffington Post has started getting political. (s_bukley /


Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick admitted that he got quite drunk following the capture of the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Who can blame him?

Today Show: Trading In iPhones

If you’re walking around with an older version of the iPhone, we’ve got good news. You can now go to AT&T stores and trade in your old iPhones for as much as $200 to put towards a new phone.

Today Show: Miami Heat Prancercise

The Prancercise craze really exploded after it was on Today Show last week, as a Vine video of Miami Heat players warming up with Prancercise before last night’s finals game has gone viral.


Today Show: Jimmy Fallon Remixes Brian Williams

Jimmy Fallon decided to troll Brian Williams by mixing clips of him so that he is rapping “Nothin’ But A G Thang” by Dr. Dre last week, and has struck again. Last night, Jimmy Fallon cut more clips to make him recite Warren G’s “Regulate.”

Today Show: Mindy Crandall Lets Gloria C. Mackenzie Cut In Powerball Line, Gloria Wins

After letting a little old lady cut in front of her in line to buy Powerball tickets last month, Mindy Crandall saw the lady she allowed to cut, Gloria C. Mackenzie, on TV accepting the prize for the $590.5 million payout.

It appears that the good patron’s decisions had far reaching effects, as the ticket was supposed to be for an office pool, and they weren’t too happy about her decision to let the Gloria C. Mackenzie go in front of her.

With a $370 million payout, there are people saying that the winner should part with just a little money to say thank you, but others don’t agree. You see, lottery numbers are predetermined before they print out—the ticket numbers are generated millisecond by millisecond, and, had Mindy Crandall stood her ground, she would have been just as likely to lose, and neither of them would have walked away with anything.

Today Show: Bingo For College Students

Bingo is making a comeback with…college students of all people. A weekly bingo event in Houston draws hundreds of people, most of whom are under 40. This resurgence is partially thanks to the game getting a facelift with variations such as Cosmic Bingo, Rebel Bingo, and others.

One bar in Atlanta substitutes the letters and numbers of old for pop culture, making players think a little bit before putting chips down on their cards.


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