Today Show: Anna Maria Chavez 1st Latina CEO of Girl Scouts of America


Today Show: First Latina CEO Of Girl Scouts, Anna Maria Chavez

Today marks the end of the year long centennial celebration for the Girl Scouts of America, but it is only the beginning of a new journey for Anna Maria Chavez, the first Latina to become CEO of the organization. Natalie Morales, once a Girl Scout herself, sat down with Chavez to find out what she has in store for the future of the Girl Scouts.

Today Show: Girl Scouts Desegregated Before Civil Rights Movement

Chavez said she has always been drawn to the organization, even as a small child, because it gave her confidence and it gave her friends that didn’t care about skin color or heritage. She said that is something the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, had been striving for nearly 100 years ago. She started an organization that allowed pre-civil war inclusion of women and was desegregated before the civil rights movement. Now the organization has grown to have Girl Scouts in every single zip code in America and in 90 different countries worldwide.


Today Show: Anna Maria Chavez 1st Latina CEO of Girl Scouts of America

The Today Show talked with Anna Maria Chavez, the first Latina CEO of Girl Scouts of America, about being a symbol for girls who want the American dream.

Chavez said she does her job to show other women it is possible for a woman of color to live the American dream. She said she is a symbol for African American girls and Latina girls that want to live the American dream. Chavez said being a Girl Scout showed her that even though boxes will always be checked next to her name, ones for person of color or another for child of immigrant parents, she knows she will always be accepted by the Girl Scouts.

“It is about building confidence one girl at a time and exposing them to different topics,” Chavez said.


Today Show: Girl Scouts Build Robots

Morales headed down to Patterson, New Jersey, where she worked alongside some Girl Scouts building robots to find out why they like being Girl Scouts. The organization said they try to push math and science skills on the children in the hopes that it will get them to more advanced math classes and robotics classes when they get into high school.

But the girls in the group said the one thing they love the most about the Girl Scouts is being able to volunteer in their own communities.

Today Show: Famous Girl Scouts

So who has been through the ranks of the Girl Scouts? Well the last three Secretaries of State and Vera Wang were all Girl Scouts. And at only $12 for admission into the organization, it is safe to say there are going to be many more famous Girl Scouts in the future.

Have you ever been in the Girl Scouts? Let us know in the comments below. And let us know your favorite Girl Scout cookie. Have you tried the new Dulce de Leche cookie?


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