Today Show: 1984 Online Sales Skyrocket & Beyonce Photoshopped


Today Show: ‘1984’ Sales Skyrocket

The controversial NSA surveillance program leaked by Edward Snowden has sparked a debate regarding just how much access the government should have to our lives. An interesting side effect of this debate is that sales for George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 have skyrocketed, up 5800% in the last month! The Today Show gang believed that, for better or worse, at least more people are reading a great literary classic.

Today Show: Senator Makes Speech in Spanish

Today Show: 1984 Online Sales Skyrocket & Beyonce Photoshopped

Today Show trending topics included Beyonce photoshopped in a Roberto Cavalli ad. (DFree /


The very first Spanish speech on the senate floor was spoken by Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine on the topic of immigration reform. While he has received both criticism and praise, Matt pointed out that speaking Spanish was a great way to bring attention to Senator Kaine’s cause.

Today Show: How Many Americans Properly Wash Their Hands?

How many Americans properly wash their hands after using the bathroom? Not too many! According to a study, only 5% of Americans wash their hands long enough (which should be two verses of “Happy Birthday.”)

The average person only washes his hands for six seconds. More men than women don’t wash their hands at all, and only 50% of people use soap. Gross!


Today Show: Beyonce Photoshopped in Roberto Cavalli Ad

Fans of Beyonce are outraged over a photoshopped image of the singer in a new ad for Roberto Cavalli. Instead of her famous curves, it appears that Beyonce’s head has been placed on Barbie’s unnaturally thin body. However, it’s clear that the ad wasn’t supposed to look natural; the Today hosts agreed the image is purposefully exaggerated, like an illustration.

Today Show: Bob Saget Visits ‘Full House’ San Francisco Home

Right now, a photo of Bob Saget in front of the Full House San Francisco home is trending on Twitter. In fact, Bob’s Full House co-star, John Stamos, stopped by the studio to share his own thoughts. “I thought it was Anthony Perkins in front of the Psycho house,” he joked.

John—aka Uncle Jesse—explained that the cast never actually shot there, because the home was used just for exteriors. He’s never visited the house before, but as the popularity of Full House continues to rise through syndication, I’m sure that it will become a popular tourist destination.

Today Show: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Proposal

On America’s Got Talent, one man’s performance took everyone by surprise: the judges, the audience, and his girlfriend. After wowing the judges with his spectacular opera singing, he proposed to his girlfriend on stage. Luckily, she said yes!


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