Today: Should You Get a Gift For an Expecting Mother For Mother’s Day?


Today Show: Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Arraigned

Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover all sat down May 9 2013 to talk about their Take 3 on Today. Ariel Castro was arraigned this morning on charges of kidnapping and rape for keeping those three missing Ohio women against their will in his house for 10 years. He’s being held on $2 million bond for each case and since there are four victims, including the six-year-old girl found with the women, the total bond is $8 million.

New information was uncovered as to what he put the women through, including rape and kidnapping as well as forcing the women to get abortions when they became pregnant. Ariel Castro’s two brothers, who were originally implicated in the case, aren’t being charged for anything. Ariel Castro said in his statement that his brothers had no part in it.


Today: Should You Get a Gift For an Expecting Mother For Mother's Day?

61 percent of women said they expected a gift on Mother’s Day when they were still expecting their child. So if you’re got a pregnant woman in your life, you’d better make sure to get her a gift!

Al Roker Waking Up In Carlyss, Louisiana

In a huge topic shift, Al Roker was in Carlyss, Louisiana for his Wake Up With Al series, hanging out with firefighters there. One of the firefighters told Al Roker that it should take a firefighter 60 seconds to put on his gear. So Al Roker and the rest of the firefighters raced to put their gear on while the clock counted down the time. Al Roker managed to do it in about 50 seconds, although some of the parts were on backwards.

“I am sweating like a pig. There’s a barbecue pit over there, I’m just going to lay on it,” Al Roker said.


Should You Get an Expecting Mother a Gift?

According to a new study, 61 percent of women think they should get a gift on Mother’s Day if they’re pregnant. Kit Hoover said they absolutely should, but Natalie Morales said she doesn’t remember her husband getting her anything or even asking him to. 58 percent of men in the survey said they had no idea if they were supposed to. Willie Geist said he got his wife flowers and a card when she was pregnant.

Jodi Arias Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder

The sentencing phase begins for Jodi Arias, who has now been found guilty of first degree murder in the death of her boyfriend. She could get the death penalty. Jodi Arias said she would prefer the death penalty. She said she would “rather have my freedom as soon as I could get it.”

Boston Marathon Bombings Hearing

Congress held a hearing May 9 2013 on the Boston Marathon Bombings. Boston’s police commissioner testified and said he wanted the government to do more to increase security for big public events.

Two Passengers Fall Off Carnival Cruise Ship

Two passengers are now being searched for off the coast of Australia. The passengers were discovered missing when a Carnival cruise ship docked in Sydney after a 10-day cruise. After reviewing security footage, the passengers were discovered to have fallen off the deck in the middle of the night about 65 nautical miles off shore. I’m not really sure how two people can fall off a ship with no one noticing, but I hope they find them.


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