Today: Seven Tornado Fatalities Reported At Moore OK Elementary School


Today Show: Two Elementary Schools Destroyed By Oklahoma Tornado

On May 20, Moore, Oklahoma was hit by an EF-4 tornado, obliterating the community, including two elementary schools: Plaza Towers and Briarwood. The search and rescue operation, sadly, turned into a recovery operation, as seven young ones were found on a lower level of the school in a pool of water, where they had drowned. One teacher laid across six children, potentially saving them all.

Today Show: Seven Fatalities Reported At Moore, OK Elementary School

The town of Moore, Oklahoma was destroyed by a May 20 tornado. (R. Gino Santa Maria /


Over at the Briarwood School in South Oklahoma City, news was happier. All children were saved.

Today Show: Oklahoma Tornado Destroys Neighborhood

Matt Lauer and Al Roker brought us to what was once a quiet neighborhood to show us the extent of the destruction in Moore, Oklahoma.  Standing on the concrete slab of what was once someone’s home, you could see where the tornado had ripped quite literally everything that wasn’t nailed down off the floor. Save for the kitchen tiles, the place where a home once stay lay barren. One belonging that did manage to make it was a flag that had been placed above the mantelpiece of the fireplace that was clearly from a military funeral. Hopefully, the family can return to their home and retrieve it soon.

Today Show: Oklahoma Tornado Claims Four Lives At Gas Station

Natalie Morales took to the skies in a helicopter to show us the extent of the destruction from the air in Moore, Oklahoma. Showing us a 7-Eleven, or what was left of it, it is hard to tell what they actually were before they were hit by the tornado. All that remains is a flat plot of land that bears the imprints of what was once there. It was here yesterday where the camera man saw some of the storm’s first fatalities pulled from the rubble – a mother, child, and two other adults. It appeared that they tried to hide in the freezer, but judging from the destruction above ground, the only safe haven in this storm was below ground.



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