Today: Rutgers University Julie Hermann Abused Players & Citi Bike NYC


Today Show: Julie Hermann Rutgers University Abused Players

Star Jones, Abby Huntsman, and Donny Deutsch weighed in on some of today’s trending and controversial topics, the first of which concerned Rutgers, which is back in the headlines after the incident a few months back with basketball coach Mike Rice being caught on tape physically and emotionally abusing his players. Mike Rice and the athletic director are no longer with the university, but now, the new athletic director, Julie Hermann, is drawing controversy.

Today Show: Rutgers University Julie Hermann Abused Players & Citi Bike

Rutgers’ athletic director Julie Hermann under fire for abusing her players 16 years ago.


Reports have surfaced that, 16 years ago, Julie Hermann was emotionally abusive as the women’s volleyball coach at Tennessee University, ruling through abuse, humiliation, and fear, according to her former players. All of the panelists agreed that Rutgers didn’t do their homework on this new director, and that they really need to make a move to do something if these accusations ring true.

Today Show: Exclusionary Abercrombie Policy Hurts Sales?

Back in 2006, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, Mike Jeffries, made a comment saying that they only want cool kids wearing their clothes and that they are absolutely exclusionary, and this resulted in quite a lot of backlash. This year, the company is in dire financial straits with sales down 17 percent and future profits have been slashed. Are the two connected?

All three panelists agreed that Mike Jeffries should not have come out and said what he said, but also agreed that companies do set target audiences. However, Donny Deutsch said that, in these tough economic times, being exclusionary like this is incredibly foolish.


Today Show: Citi Bike Doesn’t Have Helmet Requirement

The nation’s largest bike-sharing program, Citi Bike, has come to New York City. Though most agree that it is a good idea, the fact that helmets are not required is leaving people scratching their heads. New York City is not designed for bikes, and having people weaving in and out of traffic with no helmet on could cause a lot of problems.


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