Today: Netflix Removes 1800 Movies & Yahoo Increases Maternity Leave


Today: Boston Marathon Carjacking Victim

Al Roker, Willie Geist, Jason Kennedy and Tamron Hall all sat down for their Take 3 segment May 1 2013. The man whose car was stolen by the two suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings talked to Matt Lauer about his ordeal. The man goes by the nickname “Danny” because he is trying to hide his identity until he has to testify. Danny was held by the suspects for 90 minutes and feared for his life, as the two men told him who they were and what they had done.

Danny told Matt Lauer he escaped when one of the suspects went inside a gas station. He thought it was his best chance, since only one suspect was in the car. He unbuckled his seat belt and grabbed for the door. The suspect tried to grab him, but he just missed him. Danny took off down the street.


Today: Netflix Removes 1800 Movies & Yahoo Increases Maternity Leave

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, recently raised the maternity leave from eight weeks to 16 weeks paid for women at the company.

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Raises Maternity Leave

Marissa Mayer is making news again for raising maternity leave from eight weeks paid to 16 weeks. Dads can take eight weeks paid, or both parents can take eight weeks paid. Marissa Mayer took a lot of heat earlier this year for ending telecommuting at her company, causing a lot of controversy for working parents, who often tried to work from home if they could to be with their kids. Tamron Hall said she thought this was “fantastic” and a great decision by Marissa Mayer. When Marissa Mayer first took the job at Yahoo!, she was five months pregnant. She only took two weeks maternity leave and was right back to work. Al Roker wondered if there’s pressure for mothers to come back quickly because the boss only took such a short time.

Women Find Stubble On Men Attractive

A new study shows that the rugged look is in. Women, according to the study, find stubble attractive on men. But this isn’t peach fuzz. It’s the fully grown in, many days worth of growth look. There was much debate about who this described. Finally, everyone agreed that Ryan Gosling’s current beard look is what they’re talking about.


Tamron Hall wondered why men don’t find stubble on the legs attractive. None of the men touched that one. Then Today showed photoshopped pictures of Willie Geist, Al Roker and Jason Kennedy with stubble beards. Tamron Hall said Al Roker looked like Denzel Washington and Jason Kennedy looked like a young George Clooney.

I think that of the three of them, Al Roker looked the best. Willie Geist without a doubt looked the worst. That guy should never grow a beard.

FDA Lowers the Age Of Buying Morning After Pill

The FDA lowered the age of who can buy the morning after pill without a prescription to 15, in the hopes of lowering the possibility of unwanted pregnancy. Opponents say it could cause young women to make major life decisions without consulting their parents. But proponents say it’s a major step forward for women everywhere.

What do you think? Did the FDA make a good call?

Netflix Removes 1800 Movies and TV Shows

Netflix is getting rid of 1800 movies and TV shows today because of licensing issues. Netflix says the movies are mostly older features, and noted that it is also adding 500 new titles today. Tamron Hall said that it makes her sad because she needs to “catch up” on movies. What is she catching up on? Movies like Ghostbusters and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Ghostbusters came out in 1984 and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out in 1986. Which begs the question: has Tamron Hall seen a movie at all since the mid-80s? I don’t think it’s catching up if you’re watching movies that came out around the same time fellow co-anchor Jason Kennedy was born. Willie Geist asked her how she missed Ghostbusters. She said she was studying. “Oh, you were in kindergarten?” Al Roker asked. “She couldn’t find two hours in her childhood, because she was studying the whole time,” Willie Geist said.

While introducing the next segment, Tamron Hall accidentally bumped Al Roker, who screamed and pretended to fall, causing Tamron Hall to yell in surprise. Al Roker was just kidding, but Tamron Hall looked horrified.


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