Today: Miss USA Swimsuit Competition & “Happy Birthday” Public Domain?


Today: What’s Trending

From the Obamas going to Africa to the rights to the song “Happy Birthday,” the Today team discussed what’s trending. They also covered the Zesty Guy’s new print ad and Miss USA’s swimsuit competition this weekend.

Today Show: Obama Africa Trip

Today: Miss USA Swimsuit Competition & "Happy Birthday" Public Domain?

A class action lawsuit aims to get the song “Happy Birthday” into the public domain.


How much did you budget for your summer vacation? President Obama and his family are racking up a huge price tag, according to the Washington Post. The First Family is planning to visit South Africa, Senegal and Tanzania.

It’s not the destination, however; it’s the journey that could cost between $60 million and $100 million. Those costs are associated with the need for hundreds of Secret Service agents, cargo planes, support vehicles, bulletproof glass, and much mroe.

“This trip could be unprecedented in terms of the cost,” Matt Lauer said. President Bill Clinton visited there in the 1990s, costing around $40 million.


President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, decided to pass on a safari during their trip due to the additional costs.

Today: “Happy Birthday” Public Domain?

“Happy Birthday” is a song you sing all the time for your friends and family. But you don’t often hear it on TV, because the song was copyrighted in 1890. The song brings in more than $2 million per year. Just imagine how much they’d rake in if you had to pay for it every time you sang it.

A New York filmmaker has now filed a class action lawsuit suggesting that the song should be in the public domain and free to use. Savannah Guthrie recalled getting in trouble for starting to sing the song once during the show.

A poll of Today viewers found that 89% of people thought the song should be free to sing and perform.

Today Show: Kraft Zesty Guy

The hunky chef in the new Kraft commercials loses his shirt in the kitchen, which may be a good way to get more people interested in cooking. But did a revealing print ad featuring the Zesty Guy go too far?

The ad, which has appeared in People, features the man having a picnic, baring almost everything and covered only by the corner of a picnic blanket. One Million Moms, who unsuccessfully protested JC Penney and Ellen in 2012, is extra offended by the ad.

So were the Today anchors, who seemed to think it was too graphic. Have you seen it? What is your opinion?

Today: Miss USA Swimsuit Competition

Apparently the tables are totally turned when it’s women exposing their flesh, as far as Today is concerned. No one seemed to have a problem with Miss USA’s decision to continue the tradition of the swimsuit competition.

Miss World has dropped its swimsuit competition, because it is being hosted in Indonesia. Giuliana Rancic is a co-host of the pageant this year, and she said she supports the move.

From Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, the Miss USA competition will air Sunday, June 16 at 9/8c.


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