Today: Mika Brzezinski “Obsessed” Review & Ways To Get Pacifiers Clean


Today: Hollywood Game Night Premieres Summer 2013

Willie Geist introduced the Take 3 May 6 2013 by informing us that Al Roker and Natalie Morales are away, so he brought in Mika Brzezinski and Tamron Hall to keep him company. I have to say though that the Take 3 on the Today Show May 6 was a little weak. It felt like no one had ideas, so they settled on Take 3 stories that almost wholly focused on the anchors themselves. I’m not sure if that’s going to win them the battle against Good Morning America. 

But anyway, Take 1 was that Natalie Morales was in London. She was there to talk with the cast of Fast & Furious 6. She also reminded us that the royal baby is due in about two months. Plus, she’s on her way to Sweden to check out the Abba museum there. Tamron Hall said she wanted an Abba museum t-shirt.


Today: Mika Brzezinski "Obsessed" Review & Ways To Get Pacifiers Clean

Mika Brzezinski came by Today May 6 2013 to co-anchor and talk about her new book Obsessed. (image credit: s_bukley /

Meanwhile, Al Roker was in Hollywood to check out Hollywood Game Night, a new show hosted by Jane Lynch on NBC this summer. The idea is that a bunch of celebrities sit around playing games like at a house party. Al Roker said he filmed an episode and then he’s going to be in the audience of The Voice May 6 2013.

Willie Geist asked, “When you talk about house parties, are we talking like a key party? Did it get weird at any point?” Al Roker said, “No, no, no.” Mika Brzezinski asked what a key party was and Tamron Hall said she didn’t want to know. Then she told Willie Geist that no one but him was asking that question. “It’s not the 70s,” Tamron Hall said. Al Roker said that Hollywood Game Night was all family games.


Mika Brzezinski New Book Obsessed

Mika Brzezinski, who was on Today as a stand-in anchor for the anchors that were away, also wrote a book called Obsessed. Is that a coincidence? Probably not. It’s just another letdown of a Take 3. This would’ve been a great interview later in the broadcast. But as a Take 3? What happened to fun stuff? They might as well talk about books Al Roker has written.

Anyway, Obsessed is about obesity and how we should treat food addiction as a serious addiction, akin to alcoholism or nicotine dependence. Brzezinski, who looked like someone who took health very seriously, said the book is in part from a personal point of view. The book is based on a conversation she had with a friend who stopped caring about her weight and got up to 256 pounds. She confronted her friend about it and her friend confronted her about how thin she was. So Mika Brzezinski told her about all her years of eating disorders and “this cycle of trying to stay thin and doing it at terrible costs.”

Mika Brzezinski said that when people eat foods high in salt or sugar, the pleasure centers in the brain light up, the same way they do from cocaine. She said she connects overeating to serious addiction. She also said the book defends people who take a beating in the media. When speaking of Chris Christie’s treatment in the media and on Twitter, she asked, “Do you think he is undisciplined? Do you think he wants to live that way?” She said that the issue behind it is a serious addiction that science needs to acknowledge.

Sucking On Binkies To Get Rid Of Bacteria Is Healthy

Meanwhile, in gross news, it turns out that if parents suck their child’s pacifier clean, it can lower their child’s chance of getting eczema and asthma. If you don’t have kids, you’re probably disgusted (just like me!), but the anchors on Today assured me that parents understand this impulse. Apparently, if there’s nowhere to clean the pacifier because they’re away from a sink (you know, like when you’re deep in the woods or away from civilization for some reason) parents just pop the binky in their mouths, suck it clean and then put it back into their kid’s mouth. According to Today, this is a very healthy practice. But as a guy who doesn’t have kids, I’m very grossed out.


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