Today: Michael Buble Guest Co-Host & Diane Keaton Gets Silly On Ellen


Today Show: Michael Buble Guest Co-Host

Michael Buble came by the Today Show to join the anchors as a guest co-host. He said he felt “very important” standing by Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Matt Lauer. He also added that 10 years ago his record came out and Today was the first place he went on American television.

FBI Still Searching For Person Who Sent Ricin Letters

The FBI is stepping up its search for the person who sent ricin-laced letters


Today: Michael Buble Guest Co-Host & Diane Keaton Gets Silly On Ellen

Diane Keaton got a serious case of the giggles on Ellen. (s_bukley /

to Senator Roger Wicker and President Barack Obama. The man arrested last week for the crime was released of all charges. An FBI agent testified in court that no ricin was found in the man’s home or car.

Funeral Held For Young Boy Who Died In Boston

On Tuesday, a funeral was held for eight-year-old Martin Richards, the young victim of the Boston Marathon bombings. Vice President Joe Biden will attend a memorial service for an MIT officer who was killed during the manhunt.


Associated Press Twitter Hacked

The FBI is investigating how hackers were able to get into the Associated Press Twitter account Tuesday and send out a false tweet saying that there had been explosions in the White House and that President Obama was injured. The hoax briefly sent stocks into a nosedive on Wall Street.

Reese Witherspoon Arrested

There’s a new video of Reese Witherspoon’s arrest for disorderly conduct last week. The surveillance video shows her being escorted by a state trooper. Witherspoon has apologized for her behavior. She’s scheduled to appear in court May 22.

Today Show: The Rock Trending On Social Media

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was trending on social media overnight. He tweeted a picture of himself in a hospital bed flexing his muscles in a Superman shirt with the message “Superman is on the mend.” Dwayne Johnson was recovering from a hernia he sustained during his Wrestlemania fight with John Cena.

Diane Keaton Gets the Giggles On Ellen

While drinking wine on Ellen, Diane Keaton got the giggles on the show while discussing her character’s bedroom activities. She was laughing for so long she told Ellen that she might have to leave. She also said that she’d love to get married, but no one ever asked her. Natalie Morales said she found that hard to believe. I found it pretty surprising, too. Remember Annie Hall? That movie was like the 500 Days Of Summer of the last generation. And Diane Keaton was wonderful in it. Plus, who doesn’t love a lush? Apparently, Matt Lauer agrees with me. Savannah Guthrie teased him about his crush on the actress.


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