Today: Mesa High Teen Mom Yearbook Spread Glorifying Teen Pregnancy?


Today Show: High School Yearbook Debate

High school yearbooks are a great way to record memories and highlight students. Mesa High School in Arizona was trying to do just that with a section on teen moms, but some aren’t too pleased with that being in the yearbook, and say that it’s glorifying teen pregnancy. Tamron Hall reported for Today Show.

Today Show: Glorifying Teen Pregnancy?

Today: Mesa High Teen Mom Yearbook Spread Glorifying Teen Pregnancy?

A section in Mesa High School’s yearbook is dedicated to teen parents, and some fear that it may be glorifying teen pregnancy. (Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock)


One of the teenage mothers, Yessenia Corral, who was featured in the spread said it’s really hard to glorify teen pregnancy. She said the pages in the yearbook certainly point out that being a teen parent and a student is difficult, and far from glamorous.

However, others disagree. Shelly Adams, a mother of a student at Mesa High School, said she doesn’t view teen pregnancy as a “student achievement,” and feels that there’s no need for the spread to be in the yearbook. She believes the section is glorifying teen pregnancy, and doesn’t care for it.

Dr. Charles Sophy said many parents get nervous about shows such as Teen Mom, and fear that they glamorize teen pregnancy and make it look appealing to students.


Today Show: Mesa High School Yearbook Statement

Mesa School District released a statement on the issue and said, “The material presented on several pages in the student life section of the Mesa High School Yearbook reflects choices made outside of the school environment. The feedback received about the subject matter will help refine the judgment used when determining content in future yearbooks.” What that means for future yearbooks remains unclear, but it’s clear that Mesa High School is aware of the negative response they have received.

Today Show: Teen Pregnancy Drama

This isn’t the first time that there has been controversy surrounding teen pregnancy and high school yearbooks. In 2013, a Michigan school wouldn’t let two high school students show their pregnancy bumps in yearbook pictures, and in 2008 a Texas school cut a spread on a teen mom from their yearbook.

Tamron Hall noted that teen birth rates have almost continually declined since the early 1990s, and Natalie Morales pointed out that these are teens who are still accomplishing a lot by continuing to go to school as parents. A survey on the Today Show’s website and Facebook page asked users if they feel having this spread in the yearbook is appropriate. 55% said no, 37% said yes, and 8% said they’re not sure.


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