Today: Lauren Spierer Update: One Year Later


Today: Lauren Spierer Disappearance

Indiana University student Lauren Spierer disappeared June 3 2011, and Bloomington Police have followed 2,500 tips but have no leads thus far. Lauren’s parents and sister reflected on the first anniversary of her disappearance.

“We’re committed and we’re driven. We just go through every day thinking about what we can do to make a difference, and what we can do to try to get closer to finding Lauren,” Lauren’s mother, Charlene Spierer said.


Rebecca, Lauren’s sister, hasn’t spoken much publicly about the situation, but she said she never imagined that a year would go by with no breaks in the case.

Lauren Spierer Update: Today

With the one year anniversary of college student Lauren Spierer's approaching, her family reflected on the case.

One Year Anniversary: Lauren Spierer Disappeared

Rob Spierer recapped the last known details surrounding Lauren’s disappearance after an evening out with friends.


“She was out at a bar, was drinking at the bar, left and went back to her apartment,” he said. “For some reason, never made it to her apartment, and ended up going to someone else’s apartment. She was reportedly last seen leaving an apartment on 11th Street in Bloomington, Indiana.”

He expressed concern that her friends and peers didn’t try to intervene or help her out on that last night, letting her walk home alone after an evening out drinking.

Charlene called it “unconscionable” that none of her friends escorted her home. Rob noted that other students who saw her that night spoke with the police during the initial investigation, but since have “lawyered up,” and most have not taken police polygraphs.

Will Lauren Spierer Be Found Alive?

Bloomington Police said the investigation is still active, but Charlene said they aren’t sharing specific details with the family. Though they hold out some hope, after a year, her parents and sister “don’t think it’s likely” that she will be found alive.

“You always have that small element of hope, but as time goes by, of course you become more and more realistic about the possibility of her being alive,” Rob Spierer said.

He also addressed the importance of communication between parents and children, even as they head off to college. “In this country, underage drinking is rampant,” he said, mentioning Kilroy’s, the bar where Lauren was drinking the night she disappeared.

Today Show: Lifeline Laws

Rob pushed for other states to pass Lifeline Laws, such as that in Indiana, which protect peers who intervene on behalf of friends from prosecution.

If you have information on this case, you can call the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477, email the department at [email protected], or stay up to date on the case at

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