Today: Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Baby Girl & Barbara Walters Retires


Today Show: Leading Ladies On Tour

The leading ladies of music are hitting the road to connect with their fans. Taylor Swift is on her RED Tour. Everything is red. Her fans wear red, she plays a red guitar and her opener has red hair. Sorry, Tay Swift fans, I’m much more interested in Ed Sheeran opening for the pop-country star.

My favorite power woman of music, P!nk is on her Truth About Love tour. Rumor has it she flys across the crowd like super woman.


The “Girl On Fire” Alicia Keys is kicking off her tour this week also.

Today Show: Barbara Walters Retiring

One of the most famous female journalists, Barbara Walters is not only leaving The View, she is retiring. It looks like May 2014 will be Barbara’s last working month in the media. Her health has been of concern recently. She had to leave The View for several weeks while she recovered from a fall at the White House and a bout of chicken pox.

Today: Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Baby Girl & Barbara Walters Retires

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard welcomed their first child, Lincoln Bell. (Helga Esteb /


Joy Behar is also leaving The View. It looks like the show will be getting a big makeover soon.

Today Show: Kristen Bell Welcomes Baby Girl

Sorry, Kimye, the celeb baby I’ve been waiting for is Lincoln Bell Shepard. The combination of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell is sure to be the next rival for Suri Cruise and an all around amazing person. She comes from amazing comedian and actor parents, what’s not to love? Congratulations, Kristen and Dax!

Today Show: JFK Jr On Tumblr

Pictures of JFK Jr as a toddler have hit the Internet and they are becoming big on Tumblr. The photos are digitalized for the first time.

Today Show: Duggars Adopting?

After a recent trip to Asia, the Duggar family is considering adopting another child. They already have 19 kids and two grandchildren.

Today Show: Spring Fashion Trends

Among the spring trends, we’re seeing a little more conservative and throw-back look. The midi skirt is in right now. This skirt hits either just above the knee or halfway down the calf. It’s inspired by the Mad Men style. I’m just glad that mini skirts are out. If you want to be really in touch with the styles this year, go for a midi skirt in a black and white pattern. Today predicts that this will be the biggest style trend.

As for accessories, the hot things are bow ties and collar necklaces. They aren’t super manly or super girly. If you really want to turn heads, try switching out your plain shades for statement shades. Although, why anyone wants glasses with a big fur unibrow on top is beyond me.

Spring health care trends include Hello oral care and lip oil. Hello is a line of organic and tasty breath fresheners and oral care products. Lip oil is replacing lip balm. You can put it on top or or under lipstick for shine and conditioning.


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