Today: Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show & Richie Sambora Leaves Bon Jovi


By Daniel Hill

Today Show: Jimmy Fallon To Replace Jay Leno

The “worst-kept secret in show business” has been made official – Jimmy Fallon will be taking over for Jay Leno at the Tonight Show. NBC announced yesterday that the switch will take effect next spring after the Winter Olympics in Sochi.


Today: Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show & Richie Sambora Leaves Bon Jovi

Richie Sambora has left Bon Jovi in the middle of the band’s current Because We Can tour. (Debby Wong /

Last night, Leno and Fallon addressed the transition on their respective shows – with Leno cracking jokes about David Letterman and taking a job at Rutgers as the new basketball coach, and Fallon getting choked up while delivering the happy news. That’s cute, Jimmy, but congratulations!

As a side note, Leno felt much better about this event than he did four years back during the Tonight Show fiasco. As opposed to just being randomly handed the news as he walked into work one day, it was his opinion that he was much more part of the process this time around.


Today Show: Pre-Marital Cohabitation?

Is living together with a significant other something that should be reserved for post-marital status? Or doesn’t it make any difference? Well, for whatever reason, this aging question (seriously, is it 1950?) was posed via Twitter in the wake of some new federal data.

According to the study, what used to be known as “living in sin” is something that happens with almost half of women ages 15-44. Basically, it means you are cohabiting with a significant other before marriage, and recently, this has been the first form of union for many young women. Comparatively, less than a quarter of these women waited until after marriage to live together.

As expected, the overwhelming response from “teh internetz” was, according to Willie Geist, “’are we really still talking about this?’” The popular opinion seems to be that, given the divorce rate nowadays, maybe it’s a good idea to give the car a test drive before signing on the dotted line.

Today Show: Richie Sambora Leaves Bon Jovi

Well, not completely, sort of….maybe? At the very least, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora will not be finishing the current leg of the band’s “Because We Can” tour, citing “personal issues” as the culprit.

The public relation-ey-ness of the whole “personal issues” claim is pretty apparent, and thankfully, a source close to the band has provided a real reason – a feud between Sambora and leading man Jon Bon Jovi that has been simmering for years.

According to TMZ, the band’s guitarist began his sabbatical with an 11-day vacation to Hawaii with his daughter.


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