Today: Is Menopausal Memory Loss Real? Menopause Mondays Support Group


Today Show: Menopausal Memory Loss

Today Show: Menopausal Memory Loss And Ellen Dolen Menopause Mondays

Menopausal memory loss is not just in your head, as it turns out.

New research has linked menopause with memory loss in women. Ellen Dolgen, author of  Shmirshky: The Pursuit Of Hormone Happiness and a menopause advocate, runs a support group near San Diego runs a support group called Menopause Mondays.


Women in these support groups experience all sorts of menopausal memory loss, from forgetting a good friend’s name all the way to forgetting some seriously important details right in the middle of a meeting. They joke about it, but are really quite frightened by what can seem like Alzheimer’s.

Today Show: The Link Between Menopause And Memory Loss

Previous surveys shows that 62 percent of menopausal women experience memory loss, and women with more hot flashes experience even more menopausal memory loss. A study printed in the journal Menopause presented a study of 68 menopausal women experiencing around 35 hot flashes per week put to the test with eight memory quizzes. The study found that women who already thought that were having memory lapses did, in fact, perform poorly on the quizzes.

Professor Pauline Maki co-authored the study. According to her, the study shows that women who say are experiencing memory loss know their mind better than everyone else and are better judges of where the mind is at than anyone else.


Today Show: Is Menopausal Memory Loss Is Real?

Hearing about these results made Ellen Dolgen and the attendees of Menopause Mondays feel incredibly validated. Now that there is science that shows a correlation behind menopause and memory loss, they don’t feel as if it is just paranoia that was leading them to believe that their memories were lapsing.

Researches said that their next step is to figure out the connection between a larger number of hot flashes and memory loss in menopausal women.


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