Today: Google Intern Salary, 2013 Interest Rates & Flying Bicycle


What’s Trending Today: Intern Pay & Flying Bike

Google interns make quite a bit more than average for their summer gigs. Interest rates are on the rise, a flying electric bicycle is taking flight, and Chris Christie is slow jamming the news. Here is a look at Today’s trending topics for June 13.

Today: Google Intern Salary

Today: Google Intern Salary, 2013 Interest Rates & Flying Bicycle

You will not believe how much a Google intern makes. (Northfoto /


Were you an intern during your college days? Most of us think of internships as unpaid or low-paying gigs. But if you get a spot at Google, you can earn up to $20,000 in just one summer.

There, interns average about $5,800 per month, and those with specialized skills like software engineers can make $6,500 monthly as interns. That means you could make about half of the average American’s annual salary in just a few months.

Google interns are also spotlighted in the new summer movie The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.


Today Show: 2013 Interest Rates Rising

Interest rates have been staying low during the last few years of economic uncertainty. But in a sign that recovery may be imminent, those interest rates are starting to climb.

Jean Chatzky, Today’s financial editor, explained that mortgage rates are climbing from around 3.5% to 4%. That small increase could mean a big difference for those with mortgages, student loans, or other debt.

Chatzky said that this is a good time to lock in your interest rate if you can. Her advice was to refinance a car loan and see what options you have with any personal loans. For those who are saving, this is not the time to get into a five-year CD, in case rates continue to rise.

Today: Lily The Unicorn Passport

A British nine-year-old went through customs in Turkey using a toy passport. Her mother got her real passport confused with a toy passport for her real identification. But officials let the girl through and even stamped the passport, bearing a picture of a unicorn.

That is some fabulous airport security if I’ve ever heard it.

Today Show: Flying Electric Bicycle

In the Czech Republic, innovators have been working together on a prototype for a flying electric bicycle. Al Roker explained that it is powered by six battery-powered propellers. Currently, the test machine is controlled by remote, but obviously the goal is to eventually have a rider control it. In the meantime, they are using a test dummy in the seat.

Today: Chris Christie Slow Jam The News

New Jersey governor Chris Christie visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for Jimmy’s Slow Jam The News segment, where Christie shared his thoughts about the state’s upcoming special election.

Christie’s opponent, Barbara Buono, is using the man’s popularity on talk shows and in the media as a weakness and attacking his record in office.


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