Today: GMO Foods Labeling, Genetically Modified Food & Al Roker Sr.


Today Show: Genetically Modified Food

Anne Thompson from NBC News talked about genetically modified food, which is a term you have probably heard before. But do you know what it means exactly? What do we really know about the foods we eat?

Today: Plant DNA

Today: GMO Foods Labeling, Genetically Modified Food & Al Roker Sr.

Today shared a report on genetically modified foods, which critics say should be labeled. But the food industry disagrees. (Ira Bostic /


Nutrition labels won’t tell you if what you are buying contains any genetically modified ingredients, even though most packaged foods do. Everything from cereal and soda contains GMOs.

“The DNA in a crop has been altered,” Anne explained, often adding a gene to make plants stronger and resistant to threats during the growing process.

According to dietitian Ellie Krieger, the GMO foods we eat today are considered safe, and they contain the same nutrients as if they were not genetically modified.


Today Show: GMO Foods Labeling

But “if we’re going to prove they’re safe, we should have nothing to fear about labeling,” said activist Adam Eidinger.

The Biotechnology Industry Organization does not want to label GMO foods, for fear that it might unnecessarily alarm consumers.

Maine and Connecticut have passed laws paving the way for labeling, if other states start to take up the practice as well. Do you want to know if you are buying genetically modified foods?

Today Show: Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming on June 16 2013, Al Roker had a special tribute for his own late father, Al Roker Sr. The man, who passed away around 12 years ago, spent most of his career as a New York City bus driver.

Today: Al Roker Sr. NYC Bus Driver

Al Roker recalled going to work with his father and the ritual of getting ready to run a bus route. Al recalled his father driving a route on Flatbush Avenue and the friendly passengers who greeted his dad.

The Roker family called their father “Ralph” in tribute to television bus driver Ralph Kramden. The buses look different now than they did when Al was growing up. But he got the chance to ride on one of the vintage buses.

Today Show: Al Roker Father’s Day

Transit employees recalled Al Roker Sr. as a great guy, who kept his colleagues updated on what his children were up to. “He took a lot of pride in what he did,” Al recalled.

What are you remembering about your dad as Father’s Day looms this weekend?


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