Today: Future Women Of Communications Honored & “Living Wall” Gardens


Today Show: Ugo Rondinone “Human Nature” Exhibit

The Today Show’s Al Roker talked to artist Ugo Rondinone about his exhibit at Rockefeller Center in New York City called “Human Nature.” The exhibit is outdoors and looks very much like Stonehenge. Ugo Rondinone said that he wanted to something very basic for Rockefeller Center. There are nine stone figures spread out across the plaza. Each of the figures are between eight and 22 feet and each figure’s leg weighs seven tons.

Today: Future Women Of Communications Honored & "Living Wall" Gardens

This garden is cool and all, but I think it would be better if it was vertical and 17 stories tall.


Today Show: Future Women Of Communications Honored

Eighteen women who will collectively earn $100,000 in scholarships from the New York Women In Communications Foundation came by the Today Show to talk about the experience. Some of them are still in high school, but most are undergraduates. Emily, one of the women and a freshman at Barnyard, started We Stop Hate, an organization that makes anti-bullying videos on YouTube. Lady Gaga has even made a video for the organization.

Today Show: “Living Walls” Movement Gaining Traction

Savannah Guthrie had the story on “living walls,” vertical gardens spreading out in cities across the nation. They come in all different kinds and sizes. In Chile, one of the largest living walls is 17,000 square feet and stands 17 stories high on the side of a building. Rachel Gutter, a director at the Center for Green School at USGBC said that living walls have a lot of benefits, including purifying water and the air. That’s why they’re so popular in cities – not only do they do good things for the Earth, they also look great.

Stephen Ritz, an environmental educator, is determined to bring the living walls to cities. He works with children to help turn abandoned or underused areas of cities into vertical gardens. He calls it “green graffiti.” Stephen Ritz wants children to be inspired by the program. He said that in one of his programs, they’ve grown enough food to feed 150 people. He also said he’s lost 100 pounds as a result of all this healthy food.


Plus, it’s not difficult. Stephen Ritz said that he thought farming outdoors in the land is hard. But he said that in a city or in a classroom, they can farm all year long. He also said that they were able to teach the New York school children to grow things. And I have to admit, what they created looked pretty good.


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