Today: David Ortiz Swears At Red Sox Game & “The Power Of Style” Book


Today Show: David Ortiz Swearing At Baseball Game

Today Show had their Today Show Professionals weigh in on the headlines April 23 2013, starting with David Ortiz’s words at Fenway Park. He got on the microphone and in an effort to rally the crowd, he said, “This is our f***ing city and no one’s going to dictate our freedom.” Was this appropriate? Danny Deutsch said he didn’t think it was appropriate, given that there was children in the audience, but he did say he’d rather have a “decent, passionate, charitable man” who swears once in a while than a bad man who speaks perfectly.

Today Show: North Dakota Reporter Swears On-Air On First Day

Today: David Ortiz Swears At Red Sox Game & "The Power Of Style" Book

David Ortiz swore at a baseball game while rallying the crowd and talking about Boston. Was it wrong for him to swear? (image credit: Matt Trommer,


In North Dakota, a TV reporter swore on-air on his first day. The reporter apparently didn’t realize his microphone was on and swore to himself right at the beginning of the show. He apparently didn’t know the show was on-air, either. The professionals said that he was also nervous because he had to pronounce a Russian name and was overwhelmed by it. But he was fired for his on-air goof. Danny Deutsch joked that if swearing was an issue, Savannah Guthrie would’ve been fired a long time ago. He said that she swore “like a Teamster.” The camera cut to Savannah Guthrie, who shook her fist at the camera. Today asked people online and 87 percent said he deserved a second chance.

What do you think? Should he have been fired?

Today Show: Why Do Earworms Happen?

It happens to all of us. A song gets stuck in our head and just won’t leave. They’re called “earworms” and scientists at Western Washington University say that these involuntary music invasions are caused by a life experience or a memory. The song matches to an individual’s particular memory of something and that’s what is causing the song to replay in the brain. A new study says that the way to get rid of the earworms is to get your brain concentrated on something difficult and challenging. The extra brain power will erase the earworm.


Ryan Seacrest, who was guest co-hosting, said his worst earworm was “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Natalie Morales said “Carry On” by Fun. Matt Lauer shocked everyone by doing a crazy Axel Rose-style scream while singing “Roxane” by Sting. Savannah Guthrie challenged everyone to try to get rid of “Baby” from Justin Bieber from their heads.

Bobbie Thomas: Women and Body Image

Today Show style editor Bobbie Thomas has a new book out called The Power Of Style and she sat down with five women to talk about the way they look. The women all stripped down to their bra and Spanx and sat in a circle. Their ages and body shape varied greatly. All of the women agreed they thought at some time this week they were fat. One woman said that there’s a pressure to either be skinny or a certain type of curvy. Another said that having curves sometimes makes her feel objectified. Bobbie Thomas said that it’s impossible to separate style from body image because whenever you think about fashion, you think about your own body.

One of the older women in the group said that she won’t look at herself sideways in the mirror. She said she always looks at herself from the front. Another woman said she didn’t think there was such a thing as a perfect body and that every woman feels the same about their bodies. Bobbie Thomas asked the women to love what’s under the dress as much as the dress itself, because it’ll show through.

Savannah Guthrie said she thought that this book was the only one of its kind, because it does make this connection between body image and fashion. Bobbie Thomas said she had a tough time selling it, because publishers wanted the fashion part without the body image part. But Bobbie felt she needed to talk about body image with the same weight as the fashion, because it’s an important piece of the puzzle when thinking about how one looks.


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