Today: Cindy Donald Dreams Of Recovery Foundation & Atlanta Bagel Boys


Today Show: Cindy Donald Paralyzed By Father Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago, Cindy Donald was run over in her own driveway by her father and, in on split second, her life changed forever. The girl that was once an active cheerleader was now paralyzed from the neck down. Cindy said that she never blamed God or her father, but it had to be hard to deal with. Now, she feels that she has a good life, being blessed with a good boyfriend and a supportive family.

Today Show: Fredi González And The Bagel Boys Help Cindy

Today: Cindy Donald Paralyzed By Father, Starts Dreams Of Recovery

An accident with her father left Cindy Donald paralyzed, but she remians in good spirits.


The story of Cindy Donald’s incident sent shock waves through her small Atlanta community, especially amongst “The Bagel Boys,” a group of community fathers that gather in the local coffee and bagel shop every morning, and Atlanta Braves manager Fredi González is one of them. They wanted to help Cindy, so they arranged and array of fundraisers to help out.

Today Show: Dreams Of Recovery Foundation

Inspired by the generosity of The Bagel Boys, Cindy Donald started her own foundation, Dreams Of Recovery, in order to try and help others who are also coping with traumatic brain and spinal injuries.

This giving spirit is not something that surprises her father. On the day of the accident, as he was holding Cindy in his arms, afraid that she wasn’t going to make it, she told him that, if she died, to not blame himself.


Today Show: Cindy Donald Finds Her Purpose In Life

Eight years later, Cindy Donald is still putting her father above herself. Whenever he feels down on himself for what happened, she reassures him and reminds him that it is not his fault. Taking a cue from the silver linings playbook, Cindy sees this whole thing as helping her find purpose in her life. As a result of her tragedy, she thinks that she can reach out and help a lot more people with her foundation.


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