Today Catherine Leonard Boudoir Photoshoot & Veteran Alex Minsky Model


Today Show: Veteran Alex Minsky Models with Prosthetic Leg

Today Catherine Leonard Boudoir Photoshoot & Veteran Alex Minsky Model

Alex Minsky started modeling after losing his leg, his brother’s death, and getting sober. A real 180 story, Minsky takes it all off for the cameras.

Alex Minsky was almost killed by an IED in Afghanistan. He lost his right leg and had a stage III brain injury. Minsky said he was in a coma for 47 days. A few months after recovery, Alex’s younger brother passed away. The death sent him into a tailspin that he couldn’t escape. His mother told Today that he was the only one that could stop himself and get the demons out of his head. Alex turned to alcohol to numb the pain, but after multiple DUIs, he quit cold turkey and turned his life around.


After his rehabilitation and miraculous recovery, Minskey has found his place in a new line of work, which also requires him to stay in impeccable shape. Minsky is now a fashion model, showing off his rock hard abs and tattoos. He was discovered on his second day sober, working out at the gym. A photographer came up to him and asked if he had ever modeled.

After his first shoot, the photos began steaming up the internet and Minsky has become a hot commodity. He told Today that he hopes to use his modeling to help overs turn their lives around and see into a bright future, no matter what their demons are.

Today: Women Bond With Boudoir Photos

Boudoir photography is the new trend in female empowerment. While some friends go out for cocktails or head to the mall to bond, a new group of women are taking it off for the camera to feel good about themselves.


“I think it’s liberating, it’s bonding,” said one woman. She believes that it’s a way to lift each other up and feel good.

Today Show: Catherine Leonard Boudoir Photography

Catherine Leonard’s boudoir photography business has doubled in the last two years. She said that she’s had divorce parties and birthdays roll through her studio, along with bachelorette parties. Some women start to derobe for the camera after hitting weight loss milestones. She provides the setting and props, but the ladies bring their smile and lingerie. Leonard said that most women come in and want to be completely covered, but leave wanting to strut the streets in their bra and panties.

Tara has been back twice this year. She came with a friend for her bachelorette and posed for tasteful girl group shots. She brought back two of her friends for a more toned down session. The photoshoots make the women feel good and like models. Women of all shapes and sizes are running to get their shots done.

Boudoir photos can be for the ladies or the men. Some brides do the shoots and give photobooks to their new husbands on their wedding day. Catherine Leonard just launched “dude-oir” photos, where men can come and get the same underwear model treatment.



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