Today: Bridal Brokerage Sells Cancelled Weddings And Saves You Money


Today Show: Bridal Brokerage Sells Cancelled Weddings

What happens when, in the middle of making wedding plans, the relationship falls apart? Minus the emotional trauma, what about the thousands of dollars you already spent? Reception halls, ceremonies, all of the items you bought for said reception—how can you recover from all of that? A new company has come to save the day in what has to be one of the most awkward moments one could be caught in.

Today: Bridal Brokerage Sells Cancelled Weddings And Saves You Money

Bridal Brokerage sells cancelled weddings at a discount.

ADVERTISEMENT is selling cancelled weddings. When you log on, you can check for open wedding dates and reception areas that vendors are trying to sell off at a discount after a last-minute cancellation.

Today Show: Bridal Brokerage Nets You Massive Discounts

Angela Wakefield and her fiance Chris Watkins, a California couple, heard about the website and ended up saving a lot of money on their big day. They ended up getting their reception not only at a discount, but also already planned out. Depending on the stage at which the wedding is cancelled, you could, in effect, get a pre-planned wedding package.

In some cases, you can even pick the food and your wedding cake, or you may even be spending additional money to upgrade your package and switch things around—it all depends where the wedding was at when it was cancelled.


Today Show: Saving Money On Your Wedding

The original couple paid $12,629.42 for their wedding reception. When Angela and Chris picked up it, they picked it up from Bridal Brokerage for only $7,900. It really ends up being a win for everyone: the new couple gets a discount, the previous couple gets some money back, Bridal Brokerage gets a fee, and the resort gets an empty slot for a reception filled.

With Angela saving so much money on one part of the wedding, it allowed her to splurge on a few other things. There’s nothing quite like making those wedding bells ring for a couple less pounds of flesh!


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