Today: Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere & Viral Star Wars Elevator Prank


Today Show: Father Blogs About LAX TSA Agent

While on a school trip, Mark Frauenfelder’s daughter was going through security at LAX. She approached a TSA agent who was glaring and mumbling at her. When he checked her ID, he said, “You’re only 15! Cover yourself up!” The 15-year-old was wearing a tank top with a button up flannel shirt, open, and leggings. The girl is completely covered and her dad took to his blog to voice his outrage.

Frauenfelder tweeted out a picture of his daughter at the airport, showing her outfit. The only thing that the agent may have been upset about was a sliver of midriff showing. The TSA has since apologized for the incident and is in the process of reviewing what went down.


Today: U.S Marriage Rates at Historic Low

According to the U.S. Census, marriage rates are at an all time low. Reasons may be the number of divorces, co-habitation, and the recession. Obviously the price of a wedding is a huge factor, and also views about living together before marriage could be changing. The average age for men to marry is estimated to be 30.

Today: Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere & Viral Star Wars Elevator Prank

Brad Pitt was opening about wanting easy access to BRCA gene testing for women. A viral elevator prank has Star Wars fans feeling The Force. (Featureflash /

Star Wars Elevator Pranks Go Viral on YouTube

In the latest in a series of elevator pranks, pranksters are pulling from their bag of Jedi tricks. A guy in a hoodie stands in the elevator while his friend hits the button on the outside. He swipes his hand and it appears like he is using The Force to open and close the doors. The people in the elevator go from shocked to annoyed pretty quickly.


“Do it one more time and I’ll show you a different kind of force.

Today Show: Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere in Times Square

Brad Pitt tossed his golden mane all over Times Square last night as fans lined up for the premiere of his film World War Z. Pitt plays a father trying to save his family and the world from hoards of zombies.

Pitt’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was absent from the New York red carpet. She was by his side just a few weeks ago, after announcing that she had a preventative double mastectomy. The couple was all smiles at the event, but Jolie was playing mommy last night to their six kids. Pitt said that Jolie is his hero and the couple is trying to make testing more available to the public. The BRCA1 gene that Jolie was positive for give you a very high risk for cancer. She hopes that this has sparked a conversation about women’s health.

After Angelina’s double mastectomy, the only conversation anyone was having was “What would I do?” Jolie and Pitt believe this is a very individual decision, but want testing to be available to everyone so they can make informed decisions. Angelina’s chances for having breast cancer dropped from over 80% to just 5% after removing her breasts.


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