Today: Alex Wagner Eats Grasshopper Tacos & The Office Series Finale


Today: Barefoot & Buckwild

Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker sat down with Alex Wagner from Now With Alex Wagner on MSNBC to talk about Today’s Take 3 May 16 2013. Lauren Alaina’s “Barefoot and Buckwild” was playing as the segment began, and Willie Geist started it by saying, “Welcome to an apparently barefoot and buckwild edition of Today.”

“I’m wearing the wrong shoes for barefoot and buckwild!” Alex Wagner said.


Today: Alex Wagner Eats Grasshopper Tacos & The Office Series Finale

Alex Wagner said that she and The Office’s John Krasinski were in a sketch improv comedy group together. (image credit: s_bukley /

Restaurants Serving Bugs

Willie Geist warned that Alex Wagner had come on a weird day, because today, they were going to eat bugs. It turned out to be Al Roker’s idea. He had seen a U.N. report encouraging people to incorporate more bugs into their diet in order to fight world hunger and reduce pollution. They brought out a chef from a popular New York restaurant, whose name I couldn’t hear over all the anchors’ laughter. None of them really seemed excited about eating bugs.

The chef had sauteed fried grasshopper with jalapeno and onion and served it in a tortilla like a taco. Alex Wagner jumped right in, taking a healthy bite of the taco. She said it would’ve been good with some lime juice. Natalie Morales did not want to eat the taco, however. It wasn’t until everyone chanted her name that she took a bite, but she looked immediately horrified the second she started eating it.


For some reason, when she asked for water a crew member only brought one bottle, so the four of them shared it throughout the following segments. All of them really wanted that water. Alex Wagner reminded everyone that world hunger was a serious issue and for a lot of people, eating bugs is the only option for them. Natalie Morales agreed and said it wasn’t that bad, after all. But everyone was still frantically passing that water.

The Office Series Finale

After nine seasons, The Office will air its finale May 16 2013. The show launched the careers of many great comedic actors, including Ed Helms, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Ellie Kemper and Mindy Kaling. Alex Wagner said that a fun trivia fact is that she and John Krasinski were in a sketch improv comedy group in college at Brown University together. Al Roker asked her if she still did comedy and she said, “My life is one long improv comedy.”

Deer Crashes Through Windshield Of Bus

They showed a video of a deer crashing through the windshield of a bus. The deer ended up being okay, but it ran around, trying to find an exit. The driver pulled over and the deer eventually made its way to the door to the outdoors. Al Roker said this is an increasing problem as we encroach further into the areas of nature. He said that deer sometimes wander into shopping malls and convenience stores.

“They’re just trying to shop,” Alex Wagner said. “I am, of course, kidding.”

“I get it…the comedy chops of Alex Wagner!” Al Roker said.


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