Horse Guard’s Desk Review: Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs


Today: Diamond Jubilee Preview

England is preparing to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign over the country. Can you imagine having the same political face on your TV or in newspapers for 60 years? Souvenirs for this festive occasion include a one-of-a-kind Horse Guard’s Desk and much more.

Today and other news outlets are devoting ample coverage to the rare event, and Ben Fogle filed a report from Buckingham Palace on the Jubilee festivities and attendant cottage industry. Remember when Prince William & Kate’s faces were plastered on everything from plates to even refrigerators? Wait until you see this desk.


Horse Guard's Desk Review: Diamond Jubilee

Souvenirs for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee include the intricately designed Horse Guard's Desk. (Padmayogini /

Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs Review

Bunting, flags, and royal souvenirs abound throughout the land. Anything you might imagine finding in a gift shop has been branded for the 60th anniversary. There’s even a fine china set Royal Collection, along with jewelry and even fruitcakes branded for the occasion.

The one of a kind Horse Guard’s Desk is a symbol of the queen’s annual birthday celebration, as well as her daily changing of the guard. The piece is designed by one of the queen’s nephews, whose daughter was a bridesmaid at the 2011 Royal Wedding.


Viscount Linley: Horse Guard’s Desk Review

“Her majesty the Queen celebrates a Jubilee this year…and we thought that it would be rather wonderful to incorporate parts of her and her reign throughout the desk,” designer Viscount Linley said.

The desk is fitted with secret drawers reminiscent of the hidden treasures of the royal household, and even has a one-karat diamond stashed somewhere inside. It’s been donated for a charity fundraiser and is expected to fetch about $500,000 at auction.

Diamond Jubilee: Great River Pageant Preview

“All the excitement is building to the Great River Pageant,” Ben Fogle reported. This event, slated for Sunday June 3 2012, will feature 1000 boats surrounding the queen’s barge on the River Thames.

As an American born too young to remember Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding and its attendant stateside obsessions, the obsession with the Royal Family is a fascinating and foreign spectacle I’ve never quite been able to comprehend.

It’s a unique concept that seems unparalleled in American culture. Though we often deify our celebrities, their fame and import rarely tends to be so long-lasting that it might reach a 60th anniversary.

As for the Queen’s Jubilee, special Today correspondent Meredith Viera will begin reports from London, starting Friday June 1 2012. Matt Lauer will travel there as well for coverage beginning Tuesday June 5 2012.


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