Drake Vs T Boone Pickens & National History Bee: Today


Romney Campaign Misspells America: Today

MSNBC host Alex Wagner shared her pop culture insights with the Today Show team, ranging from embarrassing political tweets & misspellings from Mitt Romney to a cross-cultural exchange between Drake Vs T Boone Pickens that could only happen on Twitter.

“The Internet is a wild and wonderful place, but it is a place of scrutiny,” Alex Wagner said, reporting the Mitt Romney campaign’s typo of Amercia, which became a popular joke hashtag on social networking site Twitter. Stephen Colbert even got in on the joke, putting his own spin on the story.


Drake Vs T Boone Pickens: Twitter Today

Only in America, and only on Twitter, could you find a face off between rapper Drake Vs T Boone Pickens, the oil tycoon. (John Steel / Shutterstock.com)

Today: Politwoops Collects Deleted Tweets

Politwoops collected tweets that are deleted by politicians at any level of government, and the site features misfires from Democratic President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

“Some of the deleted tweets are just bad links, but some of them are sort of questionable tweets that maybe shouldn’t have been retweeted from a political account,” Alex Wagner said.


See if any of your local politicians are in the mix on Politwoops.

Today: Drake Vs T Boone Pickens Twitter

Hip hop star Drake tweeted that “the first million is the hardest to make,” which got a reply from billionaire T. Boone Pickens, who replied that “the first billion is a lot harder.”

Alex Wagner noted the democratization of the Internet that allows these two people from such different walks of life to interact with one another. Who’s the person your friends would be most surprised to learn you follow on Twitter?

iPhone 5 Photos Leaked: Today

Unconfirmed prototype photos of the iPhone 5 have begun popping up online. The pictures show the front and back of the upcoming phone, with features including an earphone dock and a slimmer profile.

Alex Wagner said that the Internet is full of speculation about what new features the newest iteration of the popular Apple phone will feature when it is released.

Today: Elvis’s Crypt For Sale

The ultimate Elvis fan could have the chance to be buried in his former crypt, which is poised to go up for auction.

For more from Alex Wagner, check out her MSNBC series Now with Alex Wagner, weekdays at noon Eastern on MSNBC.

Al Roker: National History Bee

Today’s Al Roker recently moderated the National History Bee in Washington, D.C. On the line for the young students was a $50,000 scholarship. He put Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie to the test with a few history questions.

  • Who was the first person to travel faster than the speed of sound? Chuck Yeager
  • What rock band was fronted by Freddie Mercury and is known for the song We Are The Champions? Queen
  • What country signed the Adams Onis Treaty, selling Florida to the United States? Spain
  • What comedian and actor starred as Bluto in National Lampoon’s Animal House, and as Jake Blues in The Blues Brothers? John Belushi
  • George Fox was the leader of what pacifist religious group called the Society of Friends? The Quakers

For more knowledge from Al Roker and some of America’s brightest young minds, watch The History Bee on the History Channel, Friday June 1.


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