Today Show: Trace Adkins Performs Watch The World End Off Love Will…


Today Show: Love Will… Review

Country music singer Trace Adkins is well-known for his deep vocals and rough-and-tumble-country-boy subject matter, but on his new album, Love Will… Trace Adkins is setting some time aside for the ladies and speaking to them with his softer side. Why does album title end with an ellipses? Trace said that if you were to ask 100 people to finish that sentence, you would get 100 different answers. Love Will… leaves it up to the listeners to decide how they will interpret the music.

Today Show: Trace Adkins Performs Watch The World End Off Love Will...

Trace Adkins performed Watch The World End off his new album, Love Will… (Featureflash /


This is Trace Adkins’ 11th album, and none of the others have the flavor that Love Will… does. When asked about going from songs like “Badonkadonk,” to more heart-felt love songs, Trace was quick to remind people that this music is coming from the man who thought “Badonkadonk” was a love song, just to keep things in perspective. Jokes aside, this album is a first for Trace, as it is all love songs.

Today Show: Trace Adkins Performs Watch The World End

The first thing to note about today’s performance is that “Watch The World End” is a duet with Colbie Caillat, but she couldn’t be on the show today. Trace Adkins found a replacement for her, Maureen, and story behind how he found her is quite interesting. During a dance recital for Trace’s daughter, Maureen came out half way through to sing, and he liked her voice. When Trace found out Colbie couldn’t make it to New York, he asked Maureen to come in her stead.

As for the actual performance, it was pretty par the course a country music love song. The twangy guitars that I don’t know how to categorize dominated the production, along with the expected violins. One big flaw with the performance seemed to be that Trace Adkin’s voice seriously overpowered Maureen’s. I have a feeling that Colbie Callet would have made much more of an impression on the song and the performance. Sorry, Maureen, but you have to speak up!



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