Today Show: Psych Season 7 Musical Episode & McGill Brothers Music


Dule Hill: Psych Season Seven Review

Dule Hill, who plays Burton Guster on the USA Network series Psych, said he is more than excited about Psych already being picked up for an eighth season, putting it as the longest running show on USA right now. Hill said the show has been so successful because they don’t take it very seriously.

“It is just a bunch of grown men acting foolish,” Hill said.


Today Show: Psych Season Seven Musical Episode

Hill said his favorite episode from season seven of Psych is the musical episode. The creator of the show, Steve Franks, wrote the episode, directed the episode, wrote the music and wrote the lyrics for the show and then he gave the cast minimal rehearsal time to get the scenes down.

Today Show: Psych Season 7 Musical Episode & McGill Brothers Music

The Today Show talked with Dule Hill about working on a musical episode of Psych and met the African American McGill brothers who play in prominent orchestras. (Helga Esteb /

Even as much as he is excited about the musical episode, Hill is really excited his character finally has a love interest on the show, something he hasn’t had in the past six seasons.


Today Show: African American Men In Classical Orchestras

African Americans and Hispanics only make up about four percent of lead roles in orchestras around the country, making the McGill brothers all that more intriguing.

Anthony and Demarre McGill are two African American brothers who grew up in a few not-so-nice neighborhoods in Chicago with a mother who worked as a teacher and a father who worked as a firefighter. After Demarre found an old flute in a closet in the house, the family knew he was going to keep playing forever.

Over the course of their childhood, Demarre began playing the flute while Anthony picked up the clarinet. Both said they would play for hours and hours practicing when they were children. And their parents must have known how good their children where going to become because their father sacrificed everything he had for his children, taking out a mortgage on their house five different times. Their unique talents and endless hours practicing helped Demarre land lead flute in the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and Anthony plays lead clarinet in the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Today Show: McGill Brothers Trained At Merit School Of Music In Chicago

Whenever the McGill brothers are back in Chicago they make sure to give back to the organization that helped them sharpen their own craft. Both brothers attended after school classes at the Merit School of Music where free lessons have been given for the past 30 years to children from low income families.

The McGills said they felt at home at the Merit School of Music, like they belonged, but they felt out of place every other place they went with their music until they started to win competitions. Recognition of their talents started taking place soon after they began playing, with Mr. Rogers asking them to stop by his neighborhood and Anthony playing with Yo-Yo Ma at the President’s first Inauguration.


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