Today Show: Michael Pollock Plays Piano with Billy Joel & Hoff’s Home


Today Show: Michael Pollock Plays Piano With Billy Joel

Michael Pollock doesn’t even have to dream anymore after making his dream come true when he asked Billy Joel if he could play with him during a Q&A at Vanderbilt University. Pollock said he was more nervous about asking Billy Joel in front of everyone there if he could perform with him than he was when he was actually playing the piano. Luckily Billy Joel told him to hop up on stage and play some music with him.

During the Q&A, Pollock told Billy Joel his favorite song was “New York State of Mind,” the song Billy Joel sang as Pollock played the piano. Pollock said he had to name drop a little, letting Billy Joel know he had played with his sax player, Richie Cannata, before he thought Billy Joel would actually let him onstage to play.


Today Show: Michael Pollock Plays Piano with Billy Joel & Hoff's Home

The Today Show talked with Michael Pollock about playing piano with Billy Joel after asking if he could during a Q&A. (Featureflash /

Pollock, who has been playing piano since he was seven-years-old, told the Today Show when you are from Long Island like he is, you have to love Billy Joel.

Today Show: Celebrity Homes For Sale

More celebrities put their homes on the market this past week, and the Today Show talked with real estate correspondent Barbara Corcoran about some of the best houses on the market.


Tommy Lee Jones Home For Sale

Tommy Lee Jones has put his Wellington, Florida home up for sale with a price tag of $26.75 million for the home which sits on 50 acres of property. Corcoran said the home comes with its own polo field and a number of horse stables. She said Tommy Lee Jones basically took a parcel of land and turned it into the Taj Mahal.

Joe Don Rooney Selling Home For $1.68 Million

Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney has put his home up for sale. The 7,900 square foot home boasts a recording studio, its own beauty salon and a “man land” room filled with TVs, video games and everything else men like. Corcoran said the price is far under the market value of the home and she thinks the house will be sold pretty quickly.

Mary-Louise Parker Selling New York City Home

Mary-Louise Parker has put her New York City home on the market for $6.99 million. Corcoran said the 3,000 square foot home is right in the heart of Greenwich Village. She said this home is on a block in New York City that may be even nicer than the home itself. She also said it is a great place to raise children even though she thought the price for the home is a bit steep.

David Hasselhoff Home For Sale

Who wouldn’t want to buy David Hasselhoff’s home just to say they live in the same house The Hoff used to live? Hasselhoff, who has lived in the Encino, California home since 1998, is selling the house for $3.79 million, a price Corcoran thought was pretty fair. She said the circular driveway and the long drive from the gated entrance are going to show off just how much money you have. You might want to make an offer on the house soon if you are thinking of buying. Corcoran said there is already a pending offer on the home.


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