Today Show: Matthew Morrison Performs & Where It All Began Review


Today Show: Where It All Began Review

Glee‘s Matthew Morrison is releasing a new album, Where It All Began. The interesting thing about Where It All Began is that Matthew recorded the album in the same studio that Frank Sinatra recorded some of his music at Capitol Records. Heck, he even used the same microphone that he recorded on.

Today Show: Matthew Morrison  Performs & Where It All Began Review

Matthew Morrison performed a song off his new album, Where It All Began. (s_bukley /


Matthew Morrison said that this didn’t make a lot of difference, that a lot of what makes a microphone work for someone has to do with the timbre of your voice, but the sensation of using the microphone was an amazing experience. The 60-piece orchestra, of course, helped as well.

Matthew’s career started as he was growing up listening to standards in his home, where music was always on. He also had a 10-year career on Broadway before Glee.

Today Show: Matthew Morrison Performs “It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Don’t Got That Swing”

It really looks like Matthew Morrison is trying to channel his inner Sinatra with his music. Featuring stylistic similarities like a swinging orchestral backdrop laced with jazz influences that it wears on its sleeve, Matthew’s vocal stylings were also similar.


Matthew also proved to be quite the showman. During an instrumental-only part of the song, he broke into a dance number reminiscent of something that you might see on Glee. You can definitely say that he’s got that on his side if all else fails. All in all, it seemed like he hit the stylistic aspirations that he was trying to achieve, even if he didn’t exactly write anything new into the coda of this particular brand of music.



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