Today Show: Jonas Brothers “Pom Poms” Review & Fifth Album Delayed


By Taylor Evans

Today: Jonas Brothers New Single “Pom Poms”

Jonas Brothers fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. After a four-year hiatus to spend time on their own projects, the wildly popular trio is back. The boys hit the today show stage to perform their new single, “Pom Poms.”


Today: Jonas Brothers Fifth Album Delayed

Today Show: Jonas Brothers "Pom Poms" Review & Fifth Album Delayed

The Jonas Brothers performed their new single “Pom Poms.” In addition to giving a spirited performance, they talked with Matt Lauer about their upcoming album. (s_bukley /

The Jonas Brothers delayed their fifth album, which will finally come out later this year. The record is produced by the youngest brother, Nick, but he states that “We all took control and really had artistic integrity and we were really able to make it our own.” Lauer pointed out that as a producer, Nick will get a lot of credit, both the good and the bad.

Today: What Are “Pom Poms”?

“Pom Poms” is a fluffy, nonsensical song that fits the very definition of earworm. It also leaves a lot of questions open. What exactly is pom poms referring to? Why should they be put down? Why can’t I get this song out of my head? It’s all fun and silly stuff highlighted by a catchy, if somewhat repetitive chorus.


The lyrics are quite suggestive, too. This could appeal to the brothers’ grown up fans but fly over the heads of their younger ones.

The boys croon, “I want you on my team/Want you like kid just wants a milkshake/And I won’t let it go to waste if I get a taste/I’m gonna drink the whole thing.” Not exactly subtle, gentlemen.

Although “Pom Poms” remains true to the Jonas Brothers’ pop roots, it’s backed by a variety of horns, including trumpets and saxophones, giving the song a spirited feel. It’s a song that’s incredibly easy to sway your hips to, even if you don’t want to. The song will be at home on the radio and iTunes Top 100 charts alike.

Today Show: Jonas Brothers “Pom Poms” Review

The Jonas Brothers gave a revved up performance. The boys were clearly having fun on the stage with a palpable energy. A song is always much better when the band isn’t phoning in a performance. Female backup singers punctuated the show, adding a nice variety to the performance. The fact that they were flanked by a wide array of instruments made the show visually interesting, too.

The Jonas Brothers have written a song that could easily be a hit on the radio. Although it’s not going to win many fans in the indie crowd, the Jo Bros may pick up a whole new audience that’s made up of more than just preteen girls.


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