Today Show: Jason Aldean “1994” Performance & Tribute to Joe Diffie

Today Show: Jason Aldean Taught Guitar By His Father

The way Jason Aldean learned to play guitar was a bit atypical from most other musicians. Every day before his father went to work, his father would map out some chords and chord progressions for his son to practice and when his father came home from work in the evening, Aldean and his father would play whatever he had practiced that day.

It hasn’t all been a success for Aldean either, even if he learned to play guitar at such a young age. He struggled to get signed by a label and almost gave up his dream of becoming a musician only to be picked up by the independent label, Broken Bow Records.

Today Show: Jason Aldean "1994" Performance & Tribute to Joe Diffie

The Today Show looked on as Jason Aldean sang “1994″ off his Night Train album, a song about one of his idols, country great Joe Diffie. (Helga Esteb /

After that, he was on his way to the top. From one his first songs, “Why” to more recent hits like “Take a Little Ride,” Aldean has been on top of the country music game for some time now and he isn’t looking to get down anytime soon.

Today Show: Jason Aldean Night Train Review

Jason Aldean may have been on top of his game for quite some time now, but his newest album, Night Train, only served as a reminder of his country music prowess when the album shot straight to number one on the Billboard charts. The Today Show said one reviewer called the album another step in the making of the “Aldean sound.”

Although Aldean said he wasn’t too sure what it meant, the reviewer was probably alluding to the hip hop country sound that only seems to be coming from Aldean.

After talking with the Today Show Aldean hopped on stage where he performed the song “1994,” a song he wrote as a tribute to Joe Diffie, someone Aldean said he looked up to when he was playing bars and clubs in Nashville back in the day.

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