Today Show: Andrea Bocelli Performs “Perfidia” & Passione Review


Today Show: Andrea Bocelli Passione Review

Andrea Bocelli has sold more than 80 million records worldwide, and his most recent album, Passione, released in January, was no less successful, entering the UK charts at number nine and selling almost 100,000 copies upon its release, no small feat in an era where record sales are declining at a rapid pace.

Passione is a collection of songs from Andrea Bocelli’s early days, the first songs that he learned to sing while he was playing the piano when he was very young. He sings in six different languages on the album, and all but Italian proved difficult to sing at times because he speaks primarily in Italian. Italian and Spanish were his favorite languages to sing in, probably because of their smooth, beautiful sound.


Today Show: Andrea Bocelli Performs Perfidia & Passione Review

Andrea Bocelli performed a song off his new album, Passione. (Jaguar PS /

He chose the songs that he chose for the album based on the songs that he had the strongest emotional connections to, songs that he could pull the most nostalgia from based on the ones he sung in his childhood. He had many to choose from given his background, but he ultimately settled on 18 for the album, including bonus tracks across different releases of the album.

Today Show:  Andrea Bocelli Performs “Perfidia”

Andrea Bocelli performed “Perfidia,” a song of Mexican origin written by Alberto Domínguez and whose titles means “faithless,” “treacherous,” or “false.” Singing in Spanish, it was hard to tell that the song could be about anything remotely sad or negative because of the laid-back melodies that backed Bocelli, but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the song.


Of course, Andrea’s deep voice lent the whole song a very romantic, sensual touch. Though he eschewed the light shows and special effects that perforated Austin Mahone’s performance yesterday, his voice was clearly meant to be the star of the show, and it wasn’t hard to see why that was the case.


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