Today: Harry Connick Jr. Every Man Should Know & Sasha Allen The Voice


Today: Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr. may one day get that elusive EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). So far, he has won the first two and been nominated for a Tony. The crooner is out with a 29th album, Every Man Should Know. Also, Sasha Allen from The Voice talked about her elimination.

Today Show: Every Man Should Know Review

Today: Harry Connick Jr. Every Man Should Know & Sasha Allen The Voice

Harry Connick Jr. performed the title song from his new album, Every Man Should Know, on Today’s concert series. (DFree /


Harry said that he wrote the music and lyrics for every song on this album, which makes it special to him. “This one really kind of deals with some more personal issues,” he said, including songs about his mother and his wife.

Savannah Guthrie was pleased that the performer is coming out of his shell. Harry said he does not read reviews, but Guthrie read some to him anyway. He suggested rewriting the reviews to make them even more positive.

With Father’s Day coming up June 16, Harry said he was looking forward to celebrating with his family and calling his own father.


Today: Harry Connick Jr. “Every Man Should Know” Performance

Backed by a full band and orchestra section, Harry Connick Jr. performed the title track from his new album, “Every Man Should Know.”

The arrangement was strong, if a little sleepy for a morning show. Based on this single example, Connick is not a bad lyricist, and the review stating that this was a must-have for his fans is probably spot-on.

I’m not bowled over by his style of music, but there is a lot to like for those who are. I wonder how much of the album features a string section.

Today Show: Sasha Allen The Voice

NBC’s singing competition The Voice is down to its final three contestants. Sasha Allen, whose resume includes Broadway, was one of the competitors eliminated from the show this week.

Sasha told Today that the competition was fierce, and anyone could have won or lost. “I did the best that I could, and I did everything I wanted to do,” she said. “I don’t think there was anything else to show.”

Today: Sasha Allen Team Shakira

Among Sasha’s performances was the classic ballad “I Will Always Love You.” During the competition, Sasha started out on Team Adam before being poached onto Team Shakira.

Sasha said that she really connected with Shakira, woman-to-woman and as a mother. “It was wonderful life lessons about this career move that I’m deciding to jump into,” she said.

Today Show: Sasha Allen Backup Singer

Allen’s experience includes work as a backup singer for Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. Now she hopes to step to the front of the stage and take control of her career.

The Voice will end its spring season with a two-night finale, June 17 and 18 on NBC.


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