Today: What’s The Best Way To Grill Corn On The Cob & Bobby Flay


Today Show: Bobby Flay And Giada De Laurentiis BBQ Tips

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis both came on the show today to give us some hints on grilling for those that feel a little lost when they’re trying to whip of some outdoor dishes this summer. Viewers tweeted in questions to ask questions of the two famous chefs, and they answered.

Today Show: What’s The Best Way To Grill Corn On The Cob?

Today: What's The Best Way To Grill Corn On The Cob & Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay told us what’s the best way to grill corn on the cob. (Dennis Donohue /


The first question asked “what’s the best way to grill corn on the cob?” Giada De Laurentiis showed us the short way to grill corn, which was the shuck it, wash it, blanch it it water for two to three minutes in boiling water, then, she salts it, peppers it, and puts on and oiled the grill for around five minutes. Bobby Flay soaks his in water, grills it with the husks on to steam it a little, then brushes it with a little roasted pepper butter when it comes out.

Today Show: Should You Oil A Grill To Prevent Food From Sticking?

The second question asked “do you have to oil the food and the grill to prevent sticking?” Giada De Laurentiis said that she likes to oil the grill by simply brushing on a little oil with a paper towel. She does not oil the grill. Bobby Flay, however, said that he likes to oil the food itself, because oil on the grill can create smoke.

Today Show: Bobby Flay’s Favorite BBQ Sauce

The third question asked what the two chefs’ favorite barbecue sauces were. Giada De Laurentiis’s BBQ sauce recipe used raspberries, ketchup, raspberry jam, lemon zest, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and paprika. It creates a sweet yet smokey flavor. Giada liked it for chicken and lamb. Bobby Flay’s barbecue sauce consisted of smoked chiles, molasses, a tomatoes. Giada adds her sauce before and during, while Bobby puts his on after.



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