Today: Was James Lipton A Pimp & Inside The Actor’s Studio 250th Show


Today Show: Was James Lipton A Pimp?

For the past 19 years, Bravo’s iconic host of Inside The Actor’s Studio, James Lipton, has coaxed many actors and directors into divulging some of their deepest secrets. Recently, in something of a role reversal, James Lipton revealed some secrets of his own. In Parade Magazine, James Lipton admitted that, when he was very young, he was a pimp back in Paris. Over there, they are called “macro” or a “mec.” However, the difference between the pimp and a mec is quite dramatic. While a pimp exploits women, a mec works for and with his women, making the relationship different entirely.

Today Show: James Lipton A Pimp & Inside The Actor's Studio 250th Episode

Was James Lipton a pimp? Well, sort of. (s_bukley /


It was a very different time then. Women were inspected for health, famous bordellos were still standing, and it was shortly after the war, when French men and women were having a tough time finding employment. James Lipton said that he took on the job only to allow himself to stay in Paris, calling it something of a rite of passage.

James Lipton said he was quite people are shocked by the revelation because, six years ago in his memoir, Inside Inside, James told the entire story. It looks like the “James Lipton a pimp” headline broke long ago.

Today Show: Inside The Actor’s Studio 250th Episode

Besides the news-but-not-news of James Lipton being a pimp, there was also something else worth talking about: the 250th episode of his show: Inside The Actor’s Studio. James thinks that it has stood the test of time for a couple reasons. For one, the show’s audience is school students going for their master’s degrees, making the dynamic between the guest and the audience totally different than that of any other show.


A little piece of trivia before you go: Bradley Cooper was the first of his students off the show to come back as a guest after being on the show as a student years ago.


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