Today: Waikiki Beach, Hawaii Volcanic Activity & Nick Selway Photos


Today Show: Oahu’s Famous Waikiki Beach

Today Show kicked off its “Great American Adventure” this week, starting in Hawaii. Each island in Hawaii plays host to a different element, with Oahu being water. Waikiki beach has waves that range from smooth to choppy and rough. No matter the conditions, it is a daily occurance for these waters to be teaming with activity. For tourists, it’s a playground. For the islanders, though, it’s a way of life.

Oahu is the first stop for many visitors that come to the islands, and the locals say that even the locals never truly leave.


Today Show: Kauai Is The Home Of Hula Dancing

Today: Waikiki Beach, Hawaii Volcanic Activity & Nick Selway Photos

Clark Little, CJ Kale, and Nick Selway’s photography out of Hawaii is world renowned.

Kauai is the island of earth. It has high mountains through which the island winds drift and gust through. It is the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain. It has lush forests, high cliffs, and is the birth place of the Hula dance. Hula dancing is a form of story telling, and is all about embracing the senses.

Today Show: Hawaii Island Has Grown 500 Acres Due To Volcanic Activity

Hawaii Island, also called “The Big Island,” is the island of fire. Mauna Loa and Likauea, two of the most active volcanoes in the world, are located on this island. The locals call them fingers and toes of lava, and they have expanded the landscape by 500 acres in recent times. Though many look at volcanoes as a destructive force, none of the islands would exist were it not for the large amount of volcanic activity.


Today Show: Maui’s Famous Sunrises

Maui is the island of air. This island is home to volcano Haleakala, which translates to “house of the sun.” Haleakala National Park draws thousands of visitors every year to see the unique sunrises that peek over the clouds every morning.

Today Show: Natalie Morales Surfing

After showing us the tour, Natalie went to Oahu’s North Shore, famous for its waves, to give surfing a try. Made famous by Duke Kahanamoku and other legendary surfers of the 1960’s and 1970’s. 20-year-old surfing world champ Carissa Moore got the privilege of trying to teach Natalie how to surf at Turtle Bay, where she had limited success, and swallowed a whole lot of water.

Today Show: Clark Little, CJ Kale, and Nick Selway’s Famous Photography

Professional photographers Clark Little and CJ Kale came on Today Show to talk about how they get their breath-taking photos of lava flows and big waves. The two pride themselves on their stupidity, and CJ even fell 20 feet down into a lava tube and shattered his ankle while hiking out to get a shot.

Another photographer who showed up was Nick Selway, who talked about his famous photos taken from the inside of the tubes. He puts a special water housing on his camera, and, as the wave is sucking up into a curl, he gets up under the wave and pulls the trigger on his camera as the wave crashes over top of him. There is really no way to tell how great (or not so great) his pictures turn out until he gets back to his computer.


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