Today: Virgin America Is The Best New Airline & Spirit’s Hidden Fees


Today Show: Top Airlines For Your Summer Vacation

Consumer Reports has released a new best and worst airlines list that you might want to check out before you start booking your summer flights. Mandy Walker, senior projects editor for the magazine, shared the criteria that they judged airlines by. Factors such as how easy it was to check in, how clean the cabins were, how was the cabin crew’s service, what the in-flight entertainment like, and how comfortable the seats were, among other factors.

Today Show: Virgin America Is The Best New Airlines

Coming on the list for the first time, airliner Virgin America, came in at the number one spot. The seats were comfortable, it was easy to check in, and the in-flight entertainment was great, thanks to the televisions on the back of each seat that provided free shows and movies. Virgin America was so good that one woman spent an extra night between locations, just so she could fly with them. Looks like Virgin America started out with a bang!


Today: Virgin America Is The Best New Airline & Spirit's Hidden Fees

Virgin America was voted not only best new airline, but best airline this year by Consumer Reports.

Today Show: Jet Blue Has Better Entertainment Than Southwest Airlines

Last year’s number one spot, Southwest Airlines, fell to number two this year, but it wasn’t because they did anything wrong, but because Virgin America did so well. Jet Blue dropped one spot for the same reason. With Southwest, you can check two bags for free, and you can check one bag free with Jet Blue. Jet Blue might have been placed lower than Southwest Airlines, but Jet Blue did score better on the in-flight entertainment, which many said was slightly lacking on Southwest.

Today Show: Hawaiian Airlines Expands It’s Number Of Locations

Another newcomer to the list was Hawaiian Airlines, which fell more in with the middle of the pack, along with Alaska Airlines and Frontier and Delta. These ones in the center of the standings found themselves here mainly because the seating was not up to snuff and, once again, there wasn’t a whole lot of in-flight entertainment.


Today Show: Spirit Airlines Has Many Hidden Fees

With the top and the middle of the list covered, all that was left was the bottom, starting with Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines might charge as much as 90 percent less than other airlines in certain area, but there were a large amount of hidden fees, much to the customer’s chagrin.

Some others that occupied the bottom of the list were US Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines. Down at that level, a lot of people had problems checking in, there were issues with cabin cleanliness, and the service from the cabin crew wasn’t all that great.


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