Today: Time’s Most Influential People & Ricky Gervais Wants a Jet Pack


Today Show: Time Chooses 100 Most Influential People

Every year, Time magazine has a list of the 100 most influential people. Last night in New York City, there was a special gala for the people chosen. Matt Lauer sat down with some of the people April 24 2013, including actress Mia Farrow, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and actress Olivia Munn.

Times That Changed the Lives Of the Most Influential People

Today: Time's Most Influential People & Ricky Gervais Wants a Jet Pack

Matt Lauer talked to several of Time’s 100 most influential people, including comedian Ricky Gervais, who debated whether he wanted a jet pack or world peace more when Matt Lauer asked him what he would do with three wishes. (image credit: s_bukley,


Matt asked each person the same questions. The first question he asked was if there was ever a time that definitely changed them as a person. Actress Mia Farrow said that for her it was when she got polio when she was nine. For a year she was in bed and she was able to realize from a young age that there is real suffering in this world. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, said that her moment was when she switched from a pre-med major to getting involved in computer science. Singer Frank Ocean said that his was when he fell in love for the first time. Amy Poehler said that being born to her parents and entering into her family was the thing that most shaped her as a person.

First Thing the Most Influential People Do In the Morning

Matt Lauer asked them what the first thing they do in the morning is. Designer Michael Kors said the first thing he does is feed his “crazy cats.” Marissa Mayer said she looks at her son. Her face brightened and she grinned and said that seeing her son is amazing.

Olivia Munn said she snoozes. She said she has two phones and she sets them for different times in two minute increments. She asked him if he snoozes. “No, you’re Matt Lauer. How can you snooze?” she said. Matt Lauer said he can’t snooze because of the show. He also said he’s a morning person. Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad, laughed at the question. “You mean, after peeing? Come on, I’m a guy,” he said. Comedian Ricky Gervais said every morning he says, “Oh. I didn’t die.”


Today Show: Three Wishes For the Most Influential People

Matt Lauer asked them what they would do if they had three wishes. Jimmy Kimmel said he would wish for a better looking genie, maybe one that’s a “Barbara Eden-type.” Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, said she would like, “world peace, less pollution and butts that look good everywhere.” Bryan Cranston wished for the health and safety of his children. He said he would wish for it three times, because it’s the only thing he wants.

“You’re not selling it to me. I don’t believe you’re a genie,” Ricky Gervais said. He said that Matt Lauer should take his shirt off, but I’m not really sure why. Matt Lauer pretended to take his shirt off. Ricky Gervais said that for him, an “individual jet pack” comes before world peace. Then he asked what was most popular and Matt Lauer said health and happiness for the family. “Oh, of course. That goes without saying,” he said. “First one is world peace, second one is individual jet pack, third one is I’d like to die prematurely, in agony. With my family.”


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