Today Stars of Tomorrow: Designer Courtney Allegra & Baker Lyla Padden


Today Stars Of Tomorrow: Courtney Allegra, 16-Year-Old Fashion Designer

Most teenage girls are worried about boys, school and their friends but Courtney Allegra is not like other teenage girls. At the age of 12, Allegra said she designing clothes and a short four years later she has her own 50 piece collection she sells on her website.

Allegra said her style is fun but classy, while one Today Show host, Tamron Hall, said it reminded her of Rihanna, adding that it is funky and edgy at the same time. Allegra said she tries to make clothing that will be flattering on all body types, with one of her favorite pieces being a bomber jacket she designed.


Today Stars of Tomorrow: Designer Courtney Allegra & Baker Lyla Padden

The Today Show continued their Stars of Tomorrow preview by talking with Courtney Allegra about her clothing designs and Lyla Padden about her cupcakes.

Allegra told the Today Show she turns to everything for inspiration, from traveling to movies, and she tries to incorporate everything that inspires her.

Today Show: Fashion Design Advice From Rachel Roy

To help this teenage designer and entrepreneur continue working on her dream, the Today Show brought on veteran fashion designer Rachel Roy to give Allegra some advice for continuing the growth of her company.


Rachel pointed out that Allegra has been able to make it so far with her designs because she had an idea and she implemented the idea. She drew the sketches, she found the fabric, she sewed the clothing, she started a website and she has done everything she needs to do to get her designs to the public.

She also told Allergra the most important thing about being a designer is finding your style and point of view and then defining it, defending it and sticking with it. Roy said to look past the trends and stick to you own style.

Today Show Stars Of Tomorrow: Lyla Padden, 13-Year-Old Baker

Lyla Padden is a 13-year-old baker who has her own cupcake baking company, Flour Gal. Padden told the Today Show she sells about 30 dozen cupcakes a month, which her mother said doesn’t surprise her, saying her daughter is unusually talented and driven for such a young girl.

Padden said she gets her baking skills from her grandmother. She remembers her grandmother bringing her different baked goods whenever she would visit, and Padden knew that she wanted to start making cupcakes as good as her grandmother’s.

She brought some cupcakes with her on the Today Show. One was a Mexicali Jalapeno Jelly Cupcake, a Dubliner Cupcake and a Lemon Butter Cream Cupcake with raspberry filling.

So what does the future hold for Padden? She said she wants to open a cupcake bakery someday but she doesn’t plan on going to culinary school. She wants to get a business degree so she can learn how the business side of her future bakery is going to run.


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