Today Show: Zoe Saldana Had To Learn Klingon For Star Trek Into Darkness


Today Show: Allure Catches Heat For Releasing Zoe Saldana’s Weight

The first issue Zoe Saldana addressed in her interview with Savannah on Today Show May 16 2013 was of the public outcry that came in the wake of Allure magazine’s headline that revealed her weight. Though readers of the magazine seemed pretty upset, Zoe wasn’t bothered by it. She would have been upset if they had lied about her weight, but they didn’t. It is something she has no control over given her slender frame that came as a result of her ballet dancing. She views it not as them focusing on her weight, but to make a point that she is a very slight person, but is very strong minded at the same time.

Today Show: Zoe Saldana Had To Learn Klingon For Star Trek Into Darkness

Today Show: Zoe Saldana Learned Klingon For Star Trek Into Darkness

Zoe Saldana talked about her interview and photo shoot with Allure and her role on Star Trek Into Darkness. (s_buckley /


After clearing up the Allure controversy, Zoe Saldana got down to the nitty-gritty of why she really came to the show—to talk about the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness. Reprising her role as Uhura, Zoe is excited to be part of a franchise that has such a strong message of peace. Working with J.J. Abrams isn’t so bad, either.

The role of Uhura can be quite challenging, as she had to learn how to speak Klingon, an alien language that the series uses frequently. It’s not the first time she’s had to do it, though. She had to do an entire movie in an alien language before, speaking with the alien accent even when she was speaking English.

Today Show: Zoe Saldana On Her And Spock’s Relationship

Zoe Saldana also spoke a little on Uhura and Spock’s relationship, which, according to some reviews of the movie, has reached the “bickering” stage. Zoe loved this about the movie because she felt that J.J. Abrams, even though his movie was set far into the future, managed to keep all of the characters human. According to her and Zoe, the argument that her and Spock have during the movie could just as easily have unfolded inside a car.


Today Show: Zoe Saldana Allure Magazine Photo Shoot

Moving away from Star Trek Into Darkness and back to the Allure piece, which had a few very revealing photos, Zoe Saldana talked about the process behind the interview and photo shoot. Rather than getting to the set and being told, “this is what we are doing,” she was asked by one of the creative directors how she wanted to be seen by people reading the magazine, which made her feel like she was genuinely part of the process. Zoe decided on the revealing photos because she wanted to be bold and use her nudity as a symbol of liberation.

Where the actual interview was concerned, Zoe was just as revealing. She talked about how her father died when she was very young and how her preference of genders may change at the drop of a hat. If she woke up one morning and decided that she was attracted to females, so be it. The biggest point she wanted to get across was that she will never feel bad for staying true to herself.


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