Today Show: Veronica Roth Divergent Movie & Allegiant Release Date


Today Show: Veronica Roth Rises To Stardom

Veronica Roth, at the ripe old age of 24, has already experienced a meteoric rise to stardom as the author of the wildly popular Divergent and Insurgent novels. With the last book in the trilogy, Allegiant, coming out this fall, Ryan Seacrest had a face to face with her to talk a little bit about her career thus far.

Today Show: Veronica Roth Divergent Series & Allegiant Release Date

The Divergent series, written by Veronica Roth, takes place in a futuristic, oppressed society. (image credit: Featureflash /


Veronica Roth In Tub Of Marshmallows

One rule around Veronica’s house when she was growing up was that boredom was not allowed.

“It was like a catchphrase of my childhood,” she said.

She only ever had her brain to work with, so she started to make stories and eventually crafted the idea for her first book in college over the course of a winter break.


She soon went from wearing ribber ducky pajamas one minute in her parents’ house, to sending her book to agents, to getting an agent. Being so happy to get the deal, she even made good on a promise she made on her blog to get into a tub full of marshmallows if she ever got a deal.

Why Veronica Roth Appeals To Younger Audience

Even though Divergent and Insurgent are popular with a younger crowd, these dark books are not by any means light reading. Based on a futuristic dystopian society, the teenage hero, Tris, has to make the choice between choosing the safe route and remaining with her blissfully unaware parents, or going to live the life she never thought possible.

The reason this book strikes a chord with a younger audience like it does is due to the themes of empowerment, fitting (or not fitting) in and how the decisions you make have an impact on your life. Since teens are still forming themselves, all of these themes are heavily applicable to their demographic.

Divergent Gets Movie Deal & Veronica Roth Faces Her Fears

Divergent will be heading to the silver screen in 2014, starring Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet. Veronica Roth is still reeling.

“I didn’t really believe it until I got to visit the set,” she said, “And then, I was like, ‘oh, maybe it is happening!'”

Wanting to resonate with Tris, the protagonist from her novels, Veronica Roth decided to take on a few of her fears, such as public humiliation. After jumping into a public fountain, much of her anxiety over the matter went away.

Allegiant, the cap to her series, will be out October 22 2013.


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