Today Show: Vedo Eliminated From Competition & Who Will Win The Voice?


Today Show: Vedo On Performing Justin Beiber In Front Of Usher On The Voice

20-year-old Atlanta R&B singer Vedo, who performed Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” on the most recent episode of The Voice, came on the show to talk about performing the song in front of one of the people responsible for discovering Justin Beiber—Usher.

Today Show: Vedo Talks Losing The Voice & Who He Thinks Will Win

Vedo is no longer a contestant on The Voice, but he still has an opinion on who he thinks will win.


He says it was a strategic choice. It was his thought that the would song catch Usher’s attention, and his own unique twist to it would win him over (which it did). Despite Usher’s support, Vedo was unfortunately sent home, and is now on his own to make something of his singing, but his ejection from the show has allowed him to speak a little more candidly about who he thinks is going to take home the win.

Today Show: Vedo On The Death Of His Mother

Vedo’s road to success on The Voice has been filled with a couple sizable bumps, however. Just before he made it big in the competition, he lost his mother. Vedo says that he has used her death not as a reason to be saddened, but as the driving force to keep himself moving on The Voice.

Vedo thinks she is okay, since she did at least get to see his audition The Voice. He also thinks that she was an inspiration to millions of people because she held on so long in the face of her illness to try and see her son through the whole experience. He thinks that show of strength might have helped other people out there.


Today Show: Vedo Thinks Sasha Allen Will Win The Voice

There are only about 10 contestants left, and Vedo weighed in on the competition. Vocally, he thinks that Sasha Allen is leading the pack. He considers her to be something of a new-age Whitney Houston, which he acknowledges are very large shoes to fill, but that is where he stands on her.


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